Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quick Glance- Aura Kingdoms and Eldevin

Today I thought I'd mention a couple of neat little games that might be fun to pass the time with, both being F2P. The first up is Aura Kingdoms, which went into open beta yesterday. I only played a short time so far but this game seems pretty laid back and casual, especially after reading about it a bit.

It is an anime type MMO, with colorful and smooth graphics. The shot above is in-game. The world is quite lovely as are the characters. There are several classes to pick from, a nice variety and these are not gender locked. There are no pet classes but this is because everyone gets pets, you choose one when you create your class. There are healer pets and tankish pets to pick from, which gives you four options, two creatures and two humanoid. It was nice to see a selection there.

The game is point and click with action, sort of a hybrid. You don't have to point and click to move but the option is there. It is pretty simple to get out of the bad stuff, just click out of the rings. Combat is pretty simple, you can use the hotkeys 1-9 or simply right click the buttons. WASD does work, thankfully and you can jump.

I don't think the game is particularly hard. As I mentioned, it is quite laid back and casual. I don't know just how much lasting power it has for a main game (there is a daily instance cap), but it seems pretty solid for something to pick up and relax with. There are tons of people running around all over, which was nice to see. It offers group instances and solo as well. In this 'dry spell' for new games, I think a lot of people have flocked to it to see if it is anything worth playing. I'd say it is worth trying for sure, see if it is for you. It is a really good looking game, I like the anime feel to the characters and the world. You can check out the game here on the official site.

The second game I thought was worth mentioning is a little indie game called Eldevin. It has a Runescape feeling to it, a browser based game. Very light and charming, easy to pick up and play. It offers cosmetic items and pets, questing, professions with crafting as well.

The game drops you into a quick tutorial and sends you out into the world through learning skills such as ranged, melee and magic. You get a solid feeling for the game and how it works as you progress. The graphics are nothing amazing, but not without charm, it is a browser game after all. The view is top down which allows you to zoom in a bit and angle the camera a bit- to access mobs, doors and such a little easier.

I can't say I spent too much time playing as I just picked it up but it looks to hold promise while offering an old school feel. This is one I thought worth mentioning because it really seems something fun to pick up and play when you want a retro feeling game with rpg elements. You can find more about it here on the official site.

I'm always on the lookout for fresh games that just have a different feel, I can say these two meet a definite niche. Especially if you're looking for anime type games like Aura Kingdoms, which there are a few out but these characters are some of the most interesting I've seen that really look good and really pop, especially as you progress the story. You can either watch scenes and read them, or skip them.

As with Eldevin, it has a really cozy starting area, with plenty of exploring to do. Great to pick up on a rainy day and get into some exploring and questing.

That's it for today, safe adventures!

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