Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! A tad late, I know. I do hope everyone had a safe and happy new year though. I wish for 2014 will be a good game for MMOs. I've heard 2013 called a dry year, which is was a bit dull, but then I think back to 2000 and that was really a dry year, heh. I am glad we do have choices, even if we're still itching for new things to explore and play. I am waiting on EverQuest Next and Landmark. I really am most looking forward to this. Something different, with many options besides raiding. Trove also looks good, off the beaten path, as far as MMO games. I am also looking forward to Wildstar and ESO but I need to see more to know how excited I feel, then again if either released tomorrow I'm sure I'd be trying them.

Ironforge- New years eve. I miss that city! The days where this was the place to be...sigh.
I finished the year by returning to WoW. I completed a transmog set that gave me such evasion on completing it, I got lucky with the drops this time around. Pretty happy with that. I also picked up on some LFR. LFR is worse than ever. Even on a Tuesday. People can't get with it, look up a fight or even ask about mechanics. Very bad runs, spending a couple hours on one fight because everyone keeps messing up and leaving. Then *BAM*, you wait and wait and good people join, you all knock it out. Flex killed LFR. I have no interest in flex, getting on the mic, none of that. But I take it (LFR) for what it is, not getting upset, enjoying the game for what it is. And honestly, I did enjoy myself for the most part, simply because it felt good to be back and playing my hunter.

Too lazy to crop... but here is my lovely mog set!
I'm also pretty hooked on  the 3DS. I freaking love it! I love Animal Crossing and I'm now getting into Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Animal Crossing it awesome for me. I do get annoyed with shop times, one day I need to sell late, the next I need it early... But all that aside I love it. I am working on my town, filling it with pathways and flowers, which has been fun to see it change and grow. I love getting new neighbors too. Speaking of.... My shops just opened twelve minutes ago... *wanders off with 3DS in hand* Ahem... But yeah, it is great for a player like me. I look forward to logging in to see whats in the shops, completing building projects, making monies and COLLECTING things!

I've also picked up playing a little game called Onverse. It is along the lines of a cross between SL and Free Realms. I'd say it is maybe more grown up than FR is. The game has a small development team (four I think), but it has been going for about four years. It is a bit clunky in some areas but it is not without charm. Somehow, maybe it is all the collecting and exploring, it really reeled me in. There is still much to learn, but playing games for so long you learn to pick things up quickly.

I'm still chugging along in EQ2, though at a slower pace. But that is everything MMO related. especially with the holidays and family, new puppy (she's now three months as of Christmas day!) I stay busy and don't get in as much time as I'd like. It is good to pace and take breaks, things feel more fresh and you look forward to them more! Though not so much EverQuest.... More on that in another post- soon! Oh, and CoS had holiday goodies for all. I got a Santa hat, woo! I still pop in on a weekly basis there.

My resolution? To post more! I do post on Instagram (pics), I am far more active there because it is quick and easy (and mobile! and it works with dropbox OMG) so if you'd like to follow me there feel free! <----you can="" find="" me="" nbsp="" p="" there.="">
Have a fantastic weekend! Let me know what you're playing to bring in the new year, what are you waiting for? Safe adventures!

My RL (fur)babies ... Two of them at least, heh. 


  1. Happy new year :) Thanks for all your posts last year. They're always fun to read!

  2. Aw, ty! Always makes me happy to hear someone liked something I wrote! Happy new year to you as well!

  3. Happy New Year Kaozz! I look forward to more great posts this year, seeing as how I am posting so little these days. How is it that you have three lvl 90 characters in WoW? That's insane!

  4. Happy New year to you too, Jay! And thank you! Sometimes it just is hard to sit down and write these days isn't it?

    Ah yeah, I am a glutton for punishment, as far as WoW goes. I was thinking of finishing up the monk or the DK before the xpac hits... They are so close yet so far! Still not sure if I have it in me to get another to 90 just yet, lol.




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