Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eye Candy- Animal Crossing: New Leaf

My first day in ACNL! My brother and son here, it was so fun to be able to play together.

Necro on the left, Nelf on the right and me. Scoot over!

Playing some games together. 

Boat ride to the isle.

Heri and I. I didn't have many clothing items, this pink hat was a welcome gift!

Nelf and I taking a ride to the isle to catch bugs and make some $$$ My second hat... at least it covered my ugly hair!

He caught a shark!

Baloon hats and my rude snowman family, for some reason they all complained about how lumpy I made them. The nerve!

Tell me my fortune!

Stop singing! Smashing, errr pressing, all the keys at once stops this...heh. 

He was kind of creepy. Snowman bingo?

Necro's house. 

Just chilling.

What YOU lookin' at?!

Bopping around trading items.

My first town project, a bridge!


A visitor.

Second project, a bench!

Counting down to the new year.

Happy New Year!

Bob's (the purple cat) Birthday party.

Necro and me, checking out my new room.

The last time the gang was together.  Heri, me, Nelf and Necro.

Club Lol, K.K. Slider playing some tunes.

Dream Suite unlocked, yay! I still have not used it. 

Nelf and I hanging around, he bought me this crown for a million, awww!

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