Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

Over the weekend I spent a majority of my playtime in WoW with Dire. Wow is pretty easy to jump into and just get going on something. Dungeons are easy to get, fairly quick as well as raids. I like the ease and it gives Dire and I, something to play together and not really get stuck doing. Play a little, log off, come back later, that sort of thing. Which is great when he has so little time to play, but this weekend he had more time and we did a lot of nifty things.

We managed to squeeze a LFR in, DK and Druid there. Also some of the world bosses, which is nice especially when you find one in the wee hours, which isn't often! We also killed the Lich King on 10man mode, never getting quite that far while that expansion was current. We duo'd it, very easy. It brought back memories, especially of our old guild- Walk the Plank- with Lono. This week we'll be doing 25 as a duo, don't think there will be much of a problem. What was cool was getting the 'Kingslayer' title. Love it!

I also introduced Dire to the brawler's guild, which he fell in love with, hitting rank seven last night. I have no doubt of him being rank ten in a few days time. He's pretty awesome at it, a truly exceptional player. I find myself lucky to have someone like him to play with on a regular basis. Even if he is a bit of a competitor, a min/maxer, which sometimes can drive me nuts... shhhh! Don't tell him I said that ;) That is part of what makes him good at what he does.

We worked on a few achievements, quite a few old WoTLK raids, did a dungeon achievement with a buddy as well. I found a very neat staff artifact to transmog, (pictured below) hidden staff of the master. basically this staff is just laying against a bamboo pole in Valley of The Four Winds. It is BoA, awesome (Bind on Account)! Plenty to do, working on archaeology, killing rares and doing the Darkmoon Faire. I like lots of activities, helps me stay interested. I didn't even do one real daily!

My brother, Necro, hit 600 on his engineer, Bling for everyone (Blingtron pictured below), which gives a daily reward when you talk to him. Necro and I do Heroic Scenarios quite often, always on my druid. What I love about my druid is that she is great for support, always great with others, so I find myself often doing things with others more than solo. However,  I am getting off my lazy behind and finally going to level my 86 monk to the cap! I'm so close, I need to finish the last bit. Plus, I really enjoy the class and often find myself missing it. MONKS ARE Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Truly.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, sharing my weekend playtime in some pics :)

Unrelated: Oh, if you've been wondering how the little sick kitty is, she has made a wonderful recovery! Pics later on in the week, she's gaining weight finally, eating and drinking like it's going out of style, still skinny as a rail but not so sickly. She's moving around a lot more and very happy to have company. She looks out the window but never seems to care about out there. All she is interested in is a soft bed, food, water and plenty of company to pet her. Here is a heartwarming story of another mistreated pet, with another happy ending, it hit home so hard. Very sad, but wonderful recovery!! Anyhow, have a great week!

Bling Time! With Necro and a friend. I was the first one to use teh Bling ;)

Heroic scenario. 

A glorious sunset. It's the little things that make me feel good while playing.

Dire and I in a heroic.

Dino mounts! We had the triceratops drop last week, I passed since I won the raptor last round.

Big Dire, little kaozz. 



The Lich King.

Another shot, trigger happy screen shot finger.

Great shot with one of my fave trasnmog outfits. 

Hat from the Darkmoon Faire. It is just a consumable item, sadly. 


More toys!

Achievement run, playing around. 

Ruby Sanctum. 

Don't leave me!!

Darkmoon Faire. Free rides now available. 

Staff of the hidden master, propped up against a tree. Yes!!!

Staff of The Hidden Master transmog. 

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