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Greetings! I'm trying to at least post once a week, I'm trying to keep things updated, share thoughts and ideas. Tonight I had the joy of fixing several zones of our sprinkler system, learning my lesson and getting a sunburn during the day, ouch! I wanted to sit down and post though, while things are fresh in my head.

Still going at it. The druid has been my main but I am really wondering why I 'punish' myself with this class anymore. I love to heal, that is the only reason I play it. Doing daily quests is painful, I look over at people less geared than myself mowing through stuff, it really grates on my nerves. I switch to my horribly geared hunter in blues and greens and run circles around my druid. Balance is clunky and slow, and so not fun. I love many things about the class but it isn't up to par with other classes who can dual spec and still perform decently doing things outside raiding. Ok, I can kill faster than a character in EverQuest, maybe... Seriously though, compared to my other characters it feels so out of sorts. Champion/Rares in MoP? Not fun, not worth the effort I have to put in, or I could just log in one of my other characters and faceroll them with my eyes closed.

Which brings me to my other main, the warlock. She is soon to be retired due to changing the class mid expansion. I'd like to know why you'd completely change a class, the rotation, core mechanics/talents MID EXPANSION? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am so tired of constant tweaks and changes to my classes. In 5.4 all three of my 90's will receive several class changes. Again. Are these developers wanting to push people to quit? If I didn't have characters to fall back on, I'd cancel my sub before patch 5.4 hits. I honestly would. I've been considering it, still a possibility, if the changes to classes keep going at this pace, I think I will burn out.

Did you hear? There is a revolutionary change coming out, called virtual realms! It combines realms, you can play with even more people, and cross server zones (CRZ). Do people even wonder why this is being added? Because players are leaving the game. But we have eight million players, kaozz! Maybe in China. I don't know any exact numbers, but I do know they are trying to keep the game looking alive, keeping more players busy before they run out of things to do (this part is quite good really). They are pushing out patches and butchering classes at an alarming rate. However, changing class mechanics every few months isn't going to keep players around. Why not just focus on content for a while, so I can quit relearning my classes?

Check out the official forums or MMO Champion, you'll see lots of information on exactly what is changing. Even my hunter is missing abilities. Everytime I log in, after a few months off from a class, I wonder what the hell I am doing. Where did this ability go, why isn't this one working, oh yeah, that's what I read about. Luckily, I am one of those players who reads about the changes, but what about those who don't?

For now I am probably going to work on the druid when Dire is around, but solo I will be building up my hunter, working on her factions and gear. At this point is the class that seems to stay remotely the same. Unless they decide to make BM unviable again.

I hate to sound all doom and gloom, I do still enjoy playing. Very much so, I really love all there is for me to do within the game, how accessible things are in today's WoW. It is still a great game -but- too much change in a game where rotations are down to a science and every little thing can make a huge difference in how a class plays, I do start to feel a mental fatigue with the game.

Free to play, wheee! I managed to pop in and check out the changes. Things look good, I'm subbed until December or January so it wasn't like I couldn't log in before. I had a lot of neat rewards waiting on me and monies to spend from being a subscriber. The cash shop looks decent, prices look good. I've considered playing more. The only thing that gets me is the horrible grind after 50, but at the same time I miss things like having so many souls for my class. It surely wasn't the price that was keeping me from playing, it was the grind! Having the ability to change them up and mix and match if I want, that is tempting though. I also miss housing.

All in all the game looks good still and it seems like the conversion will be a positive thing. Going free to play might bring in some new blood or some who might play a bit more. My thoughts? It is still the same game I left, paid for, speed up XP for 50+ and I might actually stick with it again.

I'm starting with a new 3D program and getting used to it, feeling a bit drained from it, so taking a few days off of designing. A good friend of mine has been working on an awesome script for some of my creations, which will be nice, very excited about that. They will make my items more unique.

I still mainly keep to myself and a few longtime friends, while building and working. It is relaxing, most of the time. Though last week I about ripped out all of my hair working with some scripts for my items. When it gets like that I tend to take some time to recuperate, lol. Below are some of my latest projects. That's it for today, safe adventures!

A ninetails I was working on but I am going to create one with a  more textured feel and animated parts, lots of work ahead of me. 

A beret, color changes. 

Assassin Creed style (mesh) head item and shoulders, female version. 

Male version. 

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