Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

I still have yet to figure out how to take screenshots. Tonight I'm a little too tired and a little too lazy to edit the screenshot.

City of Steam is proving to be a very fun game. I play it in spurts so I don't even notice the energy cap. I also really delve into the dungeons I run, looking to open every chest, bust open every crate and kill every single mob. I hit ten yesterday, I also managed to nab a motorcycle mount. I saved my money and didn't buy anything. It all adds up and it is a very cool mount. I love it!

I have not spent a dime on the game, having a blast. I do want to spend something on it eventually, to support the game. Probably a cosmetic item since the ones I have in game have a time limit on them, blah. I really enjoy the game, I have a lot of fun each time I play, I keep looking for new goals to work toward. It is a nice game to relax and unwind while playing. I still have yet to go to the wilderness area, I look forward to seeing how that is (open world, not instanced). I think spending some time out in the open world will be fun!

I'm still wandering around in the world of Azeroth. Mainly on my lock. I have been playing my Druid, doing old content here and there.I also healed a heric on her, that wasn't very fun to be honest. So much has changed, it doesn't feel like the same class I adored healing with years ago in Wrath of The Lich King. It feels clunky, weaker. I'm sure with gear it would get better but I guess I just prefer things to be more skill based instead of gear based. I don't think I'll heal (random groups) in WoW anytime soon. We made it, had a very, very overgeared tank, no problems at all really, I just think I'd rather DPS or do scenarios. Maybe part of it is that I don't find heroics very fun anymore. Same ol' same ol'.

We've been gathering some more achievements and transmog things, Dire, my son, brothers and I. Still having fun, swapping out characters here and there, mostly the lock is needed though. It is fun to have a steady group to play with, I enjoy that. If I work on my druid we can have our own group to run heroics with, so that might be a little more interesting. I'm also wanting to level my priest to 90, though the thought of leveling a fourth character to 90 sort of makes me cringe, I might wait until after 5.3, when the xp is reduced from 85-90.

Other Stuff
Rift is going F2P. I can't say it is some shocker. After trudging half way through the latest expansion (Storm Legion), I lost my drive to play the game. It was not as fun as the previous levels had been. I'm glad I'll be able to log in whenever, however, I'm still subscribed for almost a year still.... I sort of feel cheated, lol.

I haven't played Neverwinter for a few days, I still am having a blast. I have been so busy IRL! When I finally get some time to game it usually goes to WoW. BUT tonight I plan on playing a tiny bit of CoS and NW for a bit then... Vanguard Saga of Heroes.

I have really, really been missing Vanguard. I was thinking about rolling a new character, a Paladin. I know, I know, will kaozz ever get to the cap in that game?! I hope to one day, I just want to try a few other classes, see how I like them. I miss the pace of the game, things are harder in some ways but more laid back in others. I miss the music, the scenery, the world of Telon.

I really hope things slow down soon, but there is just always something that needs/has to be done. Like now... I need to run a certain teenager out to the store because apparently he is dying of thirst and only Coke will quench that thirst, lol. Have a great week, peeps!

The title? Well if my posts are a bit short on words these days, let's let the pictures do their job ;)

Dire and I, he's back on the alliance with me :)

Oh... why can't I be a Night Elf warlock??!


Doing some old heroics that Necro needed.

Love this zone, one of the cataclysm heroics.

I thought you died, Illidan... I specifically remember killing you.

I'm a dude, yo.

Angelic watcher. Ok, it sounded nicer than lowbie who will die if they get too close to the boss!

Necro flying me through outlands on my priest.

FINALLY my transmog set is finished!

Fun in Naxx 25.

Waiting on the rest of the group. 

New druid transmog.

Yes, I did kill you, Illidan... Again, just for good measure. Heri got his warglaive tonight!

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