Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dings and Pinatas (WoW, Rift)

I love this transmog set, it is Felheart (T1), with a chest item from the last boss in the Magisters Terrace.

Last week I hit 90 with my Warlock, which was a nice feeling-to have a 90 on both factions. I will probably play my Druid up next, but not for awhile. Mostly I've been doing things with Dire as he hit 90 with his DK as well. We've been blowing through old raids and content for achievements and transmog items, which has been a lot of fun. I think the worst was figuring out Lady Vash, she was annoying when we tried her at 89 but last night we knocked her out quite easily, that and we knew what we were doing this time around.

Some other things would be daily quests, going after Sha raids. I wish there was more of this [open world]  content out there in WoW. It really appeals to me, I suppose it is exactly what appeals to me in games like Rift and GW2. The Isle of the Thunder King seems like it will be more open with things like this, so I look forward to checking it out when the patch hits.

Also, a lot of raids reset today, yay. Another chance at a few transmog items again this week. Reset day is always something I wait for impatiently. I wish older raids had a shorter reset time.

We've been doing a few odd things like scenarios  Some people are friendly, others are not. For the most part I've met a lot of friendly people on this run to 90 on the Horde. I joined a newly formed guild, which was only around level two and now it's made it to level fourteen this week. Lots of nice people and they always ask me to join in on things, which is great. I'm still not sure on the raiding guild my friend asked me to join  due to some real life things.

Besides WoW, I have been popping into Rift. The Carnival of The Ascended is here. At first I ran around looking for the games and such and then I noticed that it is only in the first phase. This year there will only be two phases (I think there were six last year), the next starting on March 7th. Right now you can run around beating on pinatas. These grant around 30 or so glass beads that are currency for the event. That's mostly what I've been doing. I've been mentoring down for them in lower zones because the ones in SL have a massive amount of hitpoints and don't seem to award anything better. The pinatas (and the mobile app scratch off cards) can also award fun cosmetic items and pets.

I've also been gathering beads through the mobile app. I love that thing, I love scratch and win cards for events especially! So that can net me a nice amount of beads when I'm not playing, and some fun cosmetic stuff if I'm lucky. I wish more games had neat stuff like that, little incentives.

Other than that I've been quite lazy but it isn't a big deal. I've been decorating my house and considering buying a bigger dimension for more of an item count. I can already see myself using this item count up pretty quickly. There are not any plans to move it up anytime soon* because it will be something permanent and I know server stability is first priority, the team wants to be sure that something like this wouldn't impact game performance in a harsh way. However, I do hope they do consider it!

That's it for today, hope everyone is having a great week! Safe adventures!

My guild and I messing around in Kara- Opera event. 

Flaming on the hog. I love how destruction spec lights you up!


Dire and I queued up for our first scenario together. 

Inside the scenario, it was pretty fun, our dps was horrible, lol. The other member wasn't friendly at all but at least he killed stuff quickly. We got new blue weapons from this one, yay. 

Working on gathering skills out in Durotar. Just seemed like a nice sunny picture to snap. 

Pinata in Rift, before I beat it up. 

Another pinata! They don't do anything but make squeaky balloon sounds, they sound kinda cool. love going after these for beads!

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