Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap (WoW)

I didn't plan on jumping so heartily back into WoW when I started puttering around again. I suppose that is just how it goes sometimes. I think the idea of getting to 90 held a lot of enticement, I knew that once I did lots of things opened up, since then I felt there were many more options of play. I do a lot of different things each day.

I do what is fun, memorable. I used to go after the best loot all the time, years and years ago, raids and groups. But for me, now, just doing whatever is the most fun at the time is the best way to go about it. As I run through old instances and loot old gear that is worthless, I think back on how much I wanted this neck item, this trinket or whatever, and chuckle at how worthless it is now... While that is the nature of the beast, I don't think I will ever stress again over loot. It just isn't the gamer I am now. I play to have fun and if phat loot comes along with it, fine, I'm not going to stress over things that are replaced so quickly. It is nice to be proud of what you have worked for but I find myself working on things that last more though expansions. I did the gear treadmill, yearning for items so badly where I was in agony, since my days of EverQuest.

I get overwhelmed with daily quests so at the moment I am picking a few to work on then when I am finished with these I'll move on. For now it is all I have time to do, plus I get to do different things instead of just filling my playtime with daily quests. I like it that way, variety keeps things fun for me.

I plan on working up my tradeskills and I have been slowly working on them all. While it isn't a huge move forward it is relaxing and fun. I enjoy fishing and cooking, doing those daily quests as they are pretty simple and boost the skills up, even if it is slowly. Archaeology gets worked on alongside of pet battles.

Speaking of pet battles, those things are addictive! I've been working through leveling up a team, deciding which pets to level up and my new team is around ten now. I even got one of those baby gorillas from STV (they only show up when it is raining)! I camped out on the island the night before, in hopes that it might be raining the next time I logged in. Luck was on my side, I logged into a rainy day (the island and the rest of the area are on different weather patterns, while it might be raining elsewhere it may not be raining on the isle) on the isle. There were so many people flying around looking for those babies! I battled one and lost, I was so dismayed, the rain wasn't going to last all day. I did manage to load up a new battle team quickly and rushed around to find another one, this one I tamed! He was poor quality but I used a pet stone to upgrade him to rare, I like this little fellow. That was so exciting!

I've also been clearing out old raids for the Raiding With Leashes achievement, I will need help with the higher zones... But Dire is playing again so I have hopes we can do these together! I sent him about 15k worth of rare pets/mount in hopes of getting him excited about playing again. We'll see. I managed to get another chrominius, which I passed onto him. Over the weekend I also picked up a couple new pets from Molten Core, which went into my journal. I even managed to get a Core Marksman Rifle schematic, since I am an engineer I had to make that! It is pretty awesome looking, I made Dire one for his hunter to transmog as well.

It was a good week/weekend, I got 150 pet achievement, awarding me the lovely celestial dragon pet. I also saw I needed one more tabard for the Tabard of the Achiever, which is pretty snazzy looking, so I managed to get that. Lots to do, some days are more exciting than others but there is always something to work on and do. I really like that, always staying busy. I do want to do a few instances and some scenarios, eventually. Maybe when Dire gets caught up.

Have a great week, safe adventures!

Trapped in amber! Archaeology item effect.

150 (unique) pet reward: Celestial Dragon.  

My baby!

This mechanical pet is not a rare (spawns outside of gnomer) but it sure is awesome looking! Who doesn't want a steam powered cat!

Night in Dalaran.... Something you don't see often. NPC triggers it; Rhonin, the leader of the Kirin Tor

A pet from MC. 

Another MC pet and my new Tabard of The Achiever. 

Mah new gun! Core Marksman Rifle. Love big guns/bows slung over my back!

Mr.Pinchy. Had him in the bank from several years ago (three charges come with this fishing item), thought he might need a walk.

AQ 40, I need to read up on this fight. NO AQ pets dropped for me this week, meh!

Black Wing Lair.

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