Friday, February 22, 2013

Eye Candy

Meeting up to kill Sha of Anger with a ' PUG'. 

Ohhh he's about to spawn!

Waiting for Sha to show up, milling around. 

Decided I might as well do this one finally, some nice epic boots as reward- Don't forget to loot him!


Fight goes into black and white, kind of neat.

We ready?!

Riding a yak for a quest. I wish I could tame one, they are so huggable!

I just love the Jade Forest.

Sleeping dragon- Onyxia, haven't visited her in awhile. I wants her mount!!

Dead Onyxia.
Pet taming, forgot to take a pic of the new pet, but thought this was a lovely scene in Hillsbrad as I was flying around!
My Dire! I asked him which spirit beast he wanted to tame, as a surprise, he has to go and name one of those challenging tames, lol. It was actually pretty fun, plus he was so excited when he came home. He got me a unicycle too, (yes IRL!), fair trade me thinks!

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