Monday, January 21, 2013

Double Clerix

Last week was pretty hectic but I'm hoping things slow down soon and I can get some posts out on a regular note. On a good note, our little ferret, Gwin, made it back home, after four days missing! Truly a miracle. We were ecstatic and have made measures so that he cannot get under the stairs.

Most everyone has probably heard about the changes to Vanguard's F2P changes, which are quite awesome. Basically F2P is on par of what used to be a subscription, no need to unlock races or classes anymore, extended quest log, no limit on plat, it is easily one of the best out there now, IMO. Subscribers get an XP bonus, faction bonus, and lots of discounts. Really happy with this, it opens the game to more people trying it and getting a real feel for this wonderful game! Props to the team for pushing this. If you have not tried Vanguard, what is stopping you now?!

Over the weekend I made a new cleric. I have one on another account but I wanted one on the account I am currently playing and subbed to, makes it easier for me. Having a blast with the class, trying to catch up to my bud, Rakar, so we can group soon. The cleric is a very straight forward class, I enjoy the mechanics and combat. I hear it slows down but for now I'm tearing stuff up.

I even grabbed him some cool titles, which makes his name Enforcer Vanlorian The Hammer. I love 'The Hammer', too funny for a cleric. In EverQuest we have a cleric hammer pet spell, so I really got a kick out of it. If you want a snazzy title you can buy them in New Targonor. If you are heading in from the winding path into the city, it is near the King's room, which is on the right down the winding path right before you head into the city. The NPC is in the first room. Titles and suffixes cost five gold each. It adds a neat bit of flair to your character, especially for those that role play, there are tons of them. And.. as always if you want to say hello I can be found on Bambi or Vanlorian (teh Hammer, lol) mostly these days.

Still playing EverQuest. I did slow down a bit lately, after getting our newest duo to 95. I sort of got a bit bored. Dire said to me last night 'You play a cleric in Vanguard but won't in EverQuest?!' He wants a cleric to go with his tanks. I do have one on another account, she is quite a few years old. However we like to play on the Recruit A Friend linked accounts, so I said I'd make a new one yesterday, could be fun playing a cleric again. I got bit by the urge and he set off to catch me up to where I could level with his Shadow Knight, who is 90. I managed to hit 61 before we logged. Now you can say that defeats the purpose of playing, for some perhaps. But I've played two clerics to 65+, gotten two 1.0 epics, which I really don't feel like doing again, played the class extensively in older content. I wanted to get caught up to be able to play with him because I really do mostly play when Dire is on. So that gave me a nice boost.

All in all it was an interesting session. I love clerics. At one point I was healing myself at 5% health with a level two spell, hollering at him how I was going to die because he pulled a dotting mob, lol. Fun times, I can get a bit hysterical at times. It was also a huge pull with tons of xp waiting on me, basically he pulled mobs, taunted them with SK AoE taunts, let them beat on his DS and I did AoE spells until I ran out of mana. When I hit 60 we just did as he normally does, swarms them, SK are amazing power levelers. It took no time at all. I look forward to playing my new cleric, I have missed playing one, it has been one of the classes I've played the longest through my time in EverQuest. Maybe it's in my DNA to play healers, clerics in general ;) *Points to title*

My WoW account is actually active. My son has been playing on it. I have poked in a few times to putter around with my hunter, but not as much as I'd have liked to. When I have been gone so long I always tend to gravitate back to the hunter. WoW is such a smooth game, the controls, everything is so polished. I miss that. But when I think on it, I don't really feel like getting to end game, dealing with the community. I'd much rather spend my time with the communities in EQ or Vanguard. They are more enjoyable overall. It is nice to pop in though! One day I'll get a char to 90, two are still sitting at 88, two at 86... Sigh.

I really need to make more time for this one. REALLY. I miss it, miss my guild. I am sure they want to slap me for being so slack lately.

Dire and I, the amazing top-hat duo. Top hats are hawt.

Long way down. 


PL session.

Dire aka Jimboy, the warrior. 


  1. Yeah, we'd love to see you back in Rift. Right now you're the only person I'm aware of who can accept or turn in guild quests, so we're a little bit stuck in the guild leveling due to that. Plus we'd like to see our guild leader online occasionally. . . . .

    1. Hrmm cheese is also a leader, he was doing good with that for awhile, I know Bis can accept them too but if they did not log in... Eh. I thought you could as well as the other officers. I will actually log in now to double check.

      I'm so sorry! I've been very stressed trying to find a doctor the past few weeks, dealing with insurance issues on top of that. Hopefully I can get things sorted out this week and things will level out. I have pretty much lost a lot of focus over the past few months. I've been very overwhelmed in RL, while it seems a poor excuse I'm very sorry, Jor.

      Let me log in while it is fresh in my mind :)




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