Thursday, November 8, 2012

Smelling The Roses

Yesterday was a pretty good day in WoW. I managed to get about half of a level in, which is more than I have been able to for the last few days, 88 will be mine today- on the lock. I explore and look around a lot, take too many pictures but it sometimes pays off. I managed to kill two rares which spawned while I was doing my thing, puttering around. Hey' where'd that guy come from.... He doesn't seem to fit in here... Oh it's a rare! I managed to get a cool trinket, which summons a Terracotta Warrior which will fight for you for ten minutes, one hour cool down, very cool! So, I managed to find two rares yesterday, only one had decent stuff but it was exciting. Pretty easy to solo as the lock.

I also managed to finish up another transmog set I have been wanting to work on. I've wanted one of those neat robes from AQ (pictured up top), they come in gold, pink and blue... Any of them would have made me happy. I run AQ fairly often to try to get one, the bigger zone is more of a problem with the first boss mezzing me then resetting, but I finally got past him and worked my way into the bosses who drop the robes.  I had no luck in the smaller AQ zone, the first boss is an easy kill and drops the pink robe, for me he never drops it, lol. Loving this new set, I've always wanted one of these robes, never had any luck on any casters!

Dire is almost caught up to me in levels, he's often tired and doesn't play every day but he's enjoying when he does get to play. He's looking forward to leveling up multiple characters and also running some old content with me once we hit 90, seeing just what we can do. He's sticking with the DK first then he has a lot of others to choose from.

I've cleared through the first two zones, making my way through the wilds now. I've even bumbled through an alliance outpost and flagged myself a time or two. I just kind of mosey around exploring everything, lol. 'Oh, hey there alliance guards, I gotta run. Buh-Bye!' 

One thing I was thinking last night was how WoW always feels like the same game, it's hard to explain as Dire doesn't understand where I am coming from. No matter where I go in WoW it always has the same feel, unlike other games I play. New expansions and art direction often make games feel different as you travel through different expansions. Maybe I'm just rambling nonsense, but it always feels like home when I'm there, not so alienated and different. 

Screenshots because I take too many!

Flying a kite in the rain... 

A flying fox...?

My cool terracotta warrior.


I really love some of these buildings, such a nice design in MoP.

Taking a rest on a lily pad!

Gazing at a scroll, one minute later a rare pops behind me!

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