Thursday, October 25, 2012

GW2- More Goodies?

It is always good to see when a company listens to their customers, takes their feedback and concerns into consideration, even going so far to do things to keep them happy. Especially when it relates to our wallets. Yesterday Arena Net put up a post stating changes to the black lion chests were incoming. It seems even if you don't win directly you'll be able to use some of the materials, obtained in the chests, to create the Halloween skins.

What about those people who vendored the massive piles of this stuff? Ah, I guess they're out of luck, I even got rid of some of mine, what little I had. I'm glad to see this was addressed and the chance to obtain these items is now higher, though it concerns me that this even went live. But, we're all human and we make errors. It does put the company in a different light in my eyes now, I will be more inclined to check in on future events. I seriously hope they learned a lesson and realize people are willing to spend money on the game, we just don't appreciate being taken advantage of with a holiday event.

I'll be seeing if I have anything to at least make one combine, lets hope so. I also hope that my chosen character isn't too low to participate in the rest of the acts, lets hope everyone is able to participate! More to come with the future acts. In the meantime we can enjoy higher chances for cool stuff and the lovely Halloween atmosphere!

Below is the update from A-Net... Don't go making the combine yet though! It hasn't gone live. Keeps tabs on the Halloween Event forum to see when it goes live.

“Our Halloween celebrations are in full swing, costume brawls are aplenty and the Shadow of the Mad King is falling across Tyria. Because we are as excited as you are, we will add another opportunity for you to get shiny Halloween goodies.
You will be glad to hear that we are adding recipes to the Mystic Forge that will allow you to throw stuff you get from the Black Lion Chests into it to get a special Halloween chest (no key needed for this one). These chests will include Halloween specific loot and give you a second chance to get one of the terrifying, rare Halloween skins. Here is the recipe we will add:
You need 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (any), 1 Boost (any) to get a Mad King Chest.
We hope you like this gruesome addition, we will let you know immediately when they will be in the game – enjoy the celebrations!”
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