Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Years Later...

We had a really busy weekend. Finally home, it was such a long trip to the Memphis area from Houston, on short notice at that. Dire's father passed away and then there was so much family to try to catch up with, we could have used a lot more time but considering the circumstances we did have a nice time and he was glad to go back 'home' and see everyone. Bittersweet I guess. It was wonderful seeing everyone there and even meet some I hadn't known before. Nine years together and I'm still meeting family. His father had eleven siblings. I plan on getting another phone carrier before we go back, it is so rural out there I had problems with a connection or a signal a lot of the time. I was having internet withdrawal by the end of the trip, heh. Once you pass through Memphis it seems to be hit and miss, at least we had WiFi at a few places!

Not much to write about game wise because I haven't been playing anything for days and days. I did play my DK a bit last night before bed. He was pretty close to 82 so I managed to get that. Not much rested xp as I had been in such a rush before the trip, I had logged him out in some random place. Yay for not thinking before I logged out. I wanted to slap myself when I logged back in.

Since I don't have much gaming stuff to gab about I figured I'd briefly babble on about the blog's three year anniversary. Which is actually this weekend, but who's counting? I sometimes can't believe it is still going, I didn't expect to stick with it, I wanted to but I just didn't know how it would go. I still love running to my blog and sharing my stories and adventures, my thoughts, with you all. It is still exciting, though these days I don't touch on as many topics as I'd like, I don't have the time to write about some of the more in-depth things but I plan on taking more time in the future to do so, here and there. If that happens, well, that's another story but I'd like to.

I know I was more in touch with more bloggers when the blog was younger. I suppose I have gotten lazy over the last year especially and busier and we have a bigger place to take care of, my son is in high-school now and the zoo has grown. I read all my favorite blogs, like some daily ritual, on my phone while I sit on my balcony puffing smokes and I've gotten quite bad about leaving comments. I suppose that is one thing I like less about how I've changed. I used to spend a LOT of time commenting on other blogs now I just don't have the time to, it still bothers me. I try to take time every so often to comment to show them I appreciate what they do. Sometimes I yell out my comments, but that doesn't work so well and my neighbors think I have tourettes. Joking ;)

The blog has changed looks quite a few times. It's changed names once, turning into an acronym (EC Tunnel MMO). I'm quite happy with how it looks now, I think it has a more welcoming feel, easier to jump in and look around.  The name feels like something I know and has grown on me, I couldn't ever change it. The mobile version still looks like the old page but it isn't too shabby.

I've made some friends through the blog, through my videos and other things I do with the blog. I've lost touch with some, even in this short amount of time, which is always sad for me. I am lazy on twitter but I'm thinking I might should be more active with it. So if you have twitter and you're pretty chatty, add me. I need to get out of my shell there, I always want to but sometimes it feels like talking to the wall, haha. I use FB a lot to chit-chat but that isn't really connected to the blog.

All in all it has been a good three years. I love gaming still. I'm so excited about the games I play, I sometimes wonder if that will change as I grow older but at 34 I'm still just as big of a kid as ever. I've been wondering this since I was 24, heh. I love to write about games, love to share. I'm at 993 posts today! There are a few times I think, should I throw in the towel? I can never bring myself to do it, I know I'd regret it so I'd rather take a short break instead of calling it quits. Plus, those breaks never last more than a mere few weeks tops.

Some of my big influences to start blogging were Syp from Biobreak and Tipa from West Karana. Those two made an impression on me and made me want to jump in and start my own. I'd like to tank all the bloggers in the community for giving me wonderful content to read, sharing your thoughts with us all and keeping things exciting with fresh thoughts and perspectives. And even those who link my ramblings, you always make my day! Thank you, my readers, for taking time to pop in here still. Sometimes things are more exciting than others. Here's to several more years @ ectmmo!

*passes around Elven wine and big hugs*
Safe adventures!


  1. Grats on 3 years!!!

    And I guess I will be seeing you back in WoW when Pandaria hits? Silvermoon ftw! :D

    1. Yeah, that's right! I forgot you played on SM too! And ty!

  2. Grats!!!! I wish you another 3 years and moar crazy critters for your zoo

    1. Thank you, Lono! No moar critters, haha! Joe was asking for more rats last week, lol. Must resist...

  3. Congrats Kaozz! I'm always glad to see that you keep blogging. Here's to many more years.




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