Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post 1000- Postcards from Tyria

Today I noticed the post count was sitting at 999, this makes 1000, w00t! Thought I'd share some pics of GW2 and just blab a little about what was going on in them. My computer is a couple of years old now so they are not the highest quality as far as settings go, I still like to share.

My ranger and pet. Love how you can swap weapons out in GW2 for different types of play, almost feels like a different class, I can 'charge' with a 2h sword. Having lots of fun with trying out everything.

Nightshade and I, we were sharing a few pet locations with each other. We're crazy pet collectors!

Swimming around under Lion's Arch, looking for pets.

Taming a new underwater pet- Jellyfish!

Nightshade showed me this spectacular place where a whale was! It has been a long time since I actually enjoyed being underwater in an MMO. 

Dire and I doing an escort. So much fun with all the people joining in!

Dire and I had a good time last night, we ended up staying in the overflow server due to events going on. I was so glad we ended up in the same one when we logged in!

I was going to complain about my boring brown armor until I remembered dye... Oh I love dye in GW2. You can access it on the fly (H key). I've gotten a few dyes to drop, nothing that good yet, a rusty brown and funky pinkish purple and other weird ones. Using the basic colors here.

This was the biggest and toughest event I've done yet, it was a blast! Tons of people and really glad we got to take part in this! Dire was thrilled. Like a mini raid on the fly. Hope to do many more like this!

Lewt chest at the end! I managed to get a green item (what you'd call a blue in most games, rare), something Dire can use when the mail is working again. Hard seeing green as a rare but it's pulling from the first GW's roots on this.

People milling around sharing and linking loot while wishing the mail was working, lol.

Vista hunting before bed! We managed to hit 12 (Dire) and 15 (me) before logging. I spent waaaay too much time hunting pets yesterday, but it was a lot of fun and now I have a bunch of interesting pets to pick from.

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