Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy Bee

This week I've been quite bad with posting. Sorry! I've just kept putting it off and doing other things, so I finally had to sit down tonight and write a post. I still enjoy writing here, I've just been a tad busy. Tomorrow I do have some ideas I want to jot down about Vanguard SoH going F2P, as well as the return of Brad McQuaid. I just need to get my thoughts in order.

What have I been doing? I haven't really been playing my MMO games, I am starting to 'jones' a bit for them though, lol. I've been doing a hefty amount of building in Second Life. Tonight I finally got a few items into my shop on the market and I'm excited about adding to this. I've wanted to do this over the last year and a half that I've played, I finally got things together and in order, lots of ideas and I'm enjoying it. It does take time.

I've been thinking a lot on what I enjoy doing in my games and building and creating is a huge part of it. In SL I can really do so much, why not try to sell the things I create? I'm not looking to make a killing off these and the store still has a lot of room for growing! But- I do enjoy it and why not make some pocket change if I can? My closest friends always get my creations for free but I can only give so much away before it starts to get pointless, how many skyboxes can my friends really use?!

Mostly i've been working on Skyboxes. For those of you that don't know what that is, basically a box/shape/ place in the air, very high up, most of the time 3,500 ft or so. These provide privacy and also the ability not to have to worry about land, just what is in your box. I love skyboxes and have one above my home, which actually needs to be raised up higher. You don't have to worry about much griefing in a skybox either.

Soon I'll be adding houses, buildings and a little bit of furniture. I really enjoy it and it has been keeping me busy. You might have noticed that I have a tab up top for the shop (up top), I'll be working on that over the weekend if I have time, if you're interested and you play SL check it out when it is finished and posted!

So, sorry for the silence, I'm still here. Just been busy and didn't want to bore my readers with mundane building stories! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Some pictures of my skyboxes:

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