Thursday, July 12, 2012


Lately I've been doing a lot of building in Second Life. If there is anything I love in a game it is creating and decorating, SL really gives me a lot of room to do so. It can get time consuming and sometimes I work on a couple of projects at once. I've also been working on my own textures in Photoshop, instead of buying so many from other people. Sometimes I just can't resist, there are a lot of talented artists that offer some gorgeous things to use in your building.

I've learned quite a lot, and I'm still learning. Right now I'm trying to slow down and not burn myself out. I have lots of ideas rolling around upstairs. I often have friends ask for help with things and that can add onto the work load too.

I don't think Dire completely understand my passion for building but he knows how much I am into it, especially from games like EQ2. I spent so many hours in that game decorating. I just love to make things, help people and game. For now that creative outlet is really hitting the spot.

SL is different from many of the games I play and still so much boggles me. As with any of my game, my interest goes in peaks and valleys. I do hope to keep up with a shop and create stuff on a regular basis though. We'll see how it all turns out. I thought I'd actually blog today and show a few things I've been working on. I do a little of everything, animations, gestures, sounds, and building. I'll share some of my progress in the pics below. I promise to stop being lazy here and share more of what I'm doing!


Asian themed house.


Castle I'm almost finished with.

Taking pics for my group's sim (group= similar to a guild) Dragons & Roses, to submit to the destination guide.

Working on a cottage.

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