Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Justice, Dragons and Helmets! Oh My!

Today I wanted to share a few more models and finished pieces I've created. Fantasy themed, trying my hand at different concepts and ideas. I've been trying to see how well I can copy faces with Sculptris over the past few days, but today I wanted to pull some stuff out of my head as well.

First up is some fan art, Anders- Dragon Age 2. There is no template with these items, the sculpture starts out as a blank circle and basically you mold, push, pull and shape it. I love it, so much fun to create with this program. Very basic 3D modeling but it does take a good bit of work to shape things as you want them. I do have Blender (3D modeling Program) but I just don't have as much fun with it and I'm still a total lazy, noobie with it. I'm a hands on learn as you go type of person. Anyhow, I decided to make a finished piece with the model into Justice aka Anders. Which is at the top of the post.

Next up is a helm I sculpted and colored in a bit. I was thinking about doing some pieces of armor and a helm seemed like it would be pretty fun. I enjoyed making this item and it turned out pretty cool! Plus, I needed some new interesting ideas, lol. Think Daft Punk might have worn it in the medieval days? Ha!

Finally another dragon, this one is okay, not all that happy with how it turned out. Finished it up, colored it and shaded it a little. The shape didn;t turn out as I had in mind but I just went with it.

I have two passions for hobbies; digital art and gaming. Oh, I guess three if you count how much I enjoy writing about games on this blog, heh. I'm not the best at any of them but I think we each have our own style and flavor in what we do. I know it's not really MMO themed but I do like to share some of my fantasy art here and document it. Leaving you with some inspiring violin music, this guy rocks! Great for getting the creative juices flowing.


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