Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finding Unicorns (Vanguard SoH)

Awesome video there for Vanguard SoH, thanks to Ardwulf for the mention of it in his post today which links to Massively's VG post, he also has a new VG video up- check it out). I had heard about the E3 video but hadn't checked it out yet. I'm guessing that is why they (CR) called players for aid in making a video recently. Awesome to see the players of Telon in a promotional video! I was a tad late and didn't get to log in until it was finished, ah well, maybe next time. Edit- Video removed by user, sorry!- Sept- 2012 You can find the video on the vgplayers website.

Things are going well in Vanguard for me. I never really like to hop around on chars in most games but in Vanguard I sort of do, I just end up playing whatever I am in the mood for. This week I've picked up my bo staff and dusted off my disciple, (cause I'm pretty good with a bo staff). The class is just such a powerhouse, I feel I can just do so much with her. Which is nice for someone who solos so much. I can do a lot of group content solo, thus I get to see more of the game I wouldn't get to see as another class. I adore my necromancer but sometimes it is nice to not hide behind a pet and go toe to toe. Both classes are wonderful in their own ways so I just hop around when the mood hits.

My necromancer is still sitting at 24, the other night I had an invite for the unicorn mount quest, I was happy to get that rolling with her. The disciple is still working through the quest also, she hit 28 while working on it, last night. I was on the part where you feed the foals for the unicorn quest, which I thought might be bugged. The quest is pretty easy if you do as the quest text tells you. The unicorns you need to feed- *sparkle*, so you know which ones to feed. However, you cannot feed them while they are running or walking or they seem to run away/despawn. Something to keep in mind. I've read that sometimes they can bug but it was just my own ignorance that slowed me down on it, lol. But it was neat, running around a huge field of unicorns, quite lovely.

I bought Dire a [land] plot and I'm petitioning for some assistance from a GM currently, as I found two nice plots side by side. I just hope the one right beside him stays empty. I want us to have houses next to each other! I figure it will give him some incentive to get to 20 this month, now I just need to get moved next to him. Hey, it's beachfront land neat a dragon's skeleton beside a field of unicorns! Perfect or what?! Lol.

I'll end this on that cliffhanger, tune in next time to find out what happens ;) ...  Or not. I received an email while I was proofing this post- Yay!

Greetings Angel,

I wanted to get back to you regarding your request for assistance on a Loyalty Reward swap. I was able to look into this for you and have successfully exchanged your old Voucher: Kojan One Story Home for the Voucher: Qalian One Story Home, per your request! Please advise, this is a one time courtesy for your character, as we know how easy it can be to accidentally pick the wrong quest reward at times. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again in the future. Take care and good luck on your adventures in Telon!

Game Master Autobahn

Yeah, I grabbed the wrong house on this character.  And no, you still can't have two plots, so I am having to uproot so I can have a plot next to Dire, which makes me happy. Now, I've got some (new) land to go purchase, if you'll excuse me! Safe adventures to all and much love to GM Autobahn!


  1. Just did the feed the unicorns quest today, no sparkles, but no real issues either, although I do think that it would be nice if they would stop moving so much. I'm their hero, they love me, but not enough to stop moving aparently. If you run into any other housing problem, look me up. Picked up a voucher on most of my toons, and the mats it gives you aren't soul bound, I'm hanging on to them to give to friends, if anyone I know ever starts playing....

  2. Oh darn, didn't even notice they were tradable! Now I am kicking myself for being so hasty on the plot purchase because I had to tear one down so we could have plots next to each other and I'm not sure if Dire can get 20 by the end of the month (working about 70 hrs a week atm =/).

    If you have any extra Qalia mats... lol. Keep me in mind! Anyhow, should add me to friends if you like- Angel and Vixi. Always looking to make more friends in the game as I still have a lot to learn!




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