Monday, May 7, 2012

Dusting Things Off

Just wanted to pop in for a few tonight, it's getting rather dusty around this place ;) Things are going well with our move and *hopefully* we should be in by Wednesday. Very excited, we love the new place and it is so peaceful there- Compared to where we are now. I've been busy with packing and moving things over and I've been tired.

When I've had a bit of free time in the evenings I've been playing WoW with my son. He's almost 85 and enjoying it. Since our levels are so close we can queue up for normal Cataclysm instances together. We do about one a night, if we can, it's been a lot of fun for the most part. I've switched both the hunter and druid back to the alliance and Dire has been working on his hunter a bit there too. My guild welcomed both back with open arms and that was really nice.

Besides running a few dungeons here and there we've been working on transmogrification stuff. I absolutely love that part of the game, I wish it had been out years ago. We're going to work on getting my son some cool looking stuff once he hits 85. Maybe the three of us can work on the BT, lots of nice transmog stuff in there.

Other than that I've not had time to play anything else. I have been keeping up with my feedreader and some other sites. I wanted to comment about the Elder Scrolls MMO- briefly. I think it is a really great idea, I just hope it can keep the feel in the transition to an MMO title. I wouldn't want it to be more of the same, as many other MMO games out there, centered on a gear grind. That would ruin the beauty of that type of game. If put together right it could be something very unique. *crosses fingers* All in all I'm pretty damn excited. The Mr. @ Encrazed Crafts thinks it might unleash a whole bunch of crazy 'Twilight' on us, with werewolves and vampires. I got a real kick out of that! Hope he doesn't mind that shameless quote!

I also read on Massively about a really cute little game called Panzer Pets. It looks like a fun MMO. It is a customizable robot MMO set in a post apocalyptic setting. They hope to have it finished by October but that depends on funding, check it out on Kickstarter.

That's it for me tonight. How do you feel about the prospect of an Elder Scrolls MMO? What are you waiting on, as far as releases go? I'll just be glad when Wednesday gets here, lol. Enjoy the pics!

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