Friday, May 11, 2012

Catching Up

So, we're finally moved. Lovin' the new place it is so quiet. I've been cleaning, unpacking and unpacking... did I mention unpacking? I've been too tired to do a whole lot in my games, but I've managed to sneak some time in. Didn't get to play much over the last few but I've been 'watching' over the shoulders of those in my feed reader to whats going on and poking around in forums, on my phone, when I go out to smoke.

I noticed that Vanguard has new loyalty rewards out (yippee!). The new rewards are actually better than the first set, as you get a boat. Yep, your own boat. I'm on a boat!... Ahem. I'm pretty excited. It is a small ship but it will surely come in handy. I could have used it a few weeks ago on the unicorn mount quest, I can already think of a few places I can use it now. There is also, tack and barding for mounts, a title, and an exoskeleton which makes you run faster- It takes the place of a mount and gives a 50% speed increase.

Nifty stuff. Glad I was able to log in and grab those goodies, very generous gifts for subscribers. All you have to do is log in to get them. Easiest place to head, IMO, is New Targonor, right as you hit the bridge to enter the city you'll find the 'new' NPC. The first rewards are still in game for a limited time, those can be found on another vendor, in this city he can be found right before entering the city, as soon as you finish climbing the stairs.

My biggest question was: HOW DO I NAVIGATE MY SHIP?!! Summon your boat by clicking on it or drag it to the action bar. Hitting the U key will put you in steering mode, I was also told double clicking on it on the action bar. It has different speeds and also an anchor mode. Thanks to some kind people answering my question in chat, I was finally able to sail around on my own ship! I'd have to say that has to be one of the coolest things I've ever had/done in an MMO. It was stellar.

I also read EverQuest has had some problems with guilds being 'deleted'. Maybe I should pop in and check that out. In any case, if you have a guild there you might want to check it out if you've not been on recently, seems the route to fix it is to contact customer service. I sunk a lot of money into ours, I'd be really mad. I'll have to check later on when I have more energy.

I haven't even had a chance to pop into WoW the past few days, maybe I'll do that before I pass out. Safe adventures!


  1. I'm loving the boat, but I bet there are some carpenters that are pissed. No sloop sales till f2p, and will take a while for new people to be able to afford one.

    1. I know, I thought about that too. I'm glad to have one though, really helps in some areas!

  2. I'm on a boat, nice!!




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