Thursday, March 22, 2012


Dire has been wanting to set up a Magelo profile for his Rogue in EQ, Unmercy. So, I decided to tackle doing a character portrait. Since he is a Rogue it could basically be any race he wanted, those crafty Rogues never look the same ;) We decided to go with a Dark Elf, since they tend to look a bit darker.

I wanted the portrait to carry over the Everquest Rogue feel to it, in art style. It seems like it does, to me at least. I had a lot of fun creating his face, for some reason I just love to do Dark Elves. This one is a variation of what the Magelo image will look like. It has a slightly more muted background, more of his body in it and it's blown up a tad- here. He hasn't seen it yet, I do hope he likes it! Anyhow, I thought I'd show it off here.

Below is a picture of his character as a Dark Elf in-game, for those of you who don't play EQ. Just for a gauge of the look and feel of the game model. I may work on armor, I already have several hours put into it, we'll see. He does have a swashbuckler shirt but it just didn't seem to suit it, lol. Ah, well.

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