Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scroll of Resurrection- Thoughts (WoW)

Scroll of Resurrection- It's a double rainbow!

The big talk of the day has been the latest buffs to WoW's Scroll of Resurrection. I have a few thoughts I'd like to share. I wasn't going to but I figured I might as well since I still play WoW. Yep, I got in on the last freebie deal so I'm going to be playing for most of this year, heh.

It isn't something you really can do for a new player, and if they were new and quit, do you really think being 80 is going to make a difference if they didn't like the game to stick to it enough in the first place Probably not. I could do it for my mother, a true newbie, on my other account. She doesn't want to play and even giving her 80 free levels wouldn't entice her. For me it would be to bring a friend over to my server with a fresh start, a friend who hasn't played for awhile but does on and off. These friends have played the game for years and they are not new players, they know the game. This is good for people who play in cycles and take breaks, a chance to come back and jump back in with friends.

Handing out lvl 80s, oh noes! You might have a problem with this, let me ask you this then, would you take over a spouse's max lvl char? A spouse's account? Would YOU be a total newb? Probably not. Seen a blogger complaining who did just this with another game. Same thing in my eyes. A free character is a free character, no matter how you get it, lol. It is all in one's perspective.

I think it is a real incentive to come back, for players who might be a bit bored and want to try something different out. When a game ages we don't always feel like doing the treadmill again and if you do, more power to you. I don't care either way if players get free level 80's. I'm considering doing it on my second account for the mount, maybe use it for another alt. Does this make me a newbie? I've played the game since release. Will I? I'm not sure yet.

Everquest gave 51 levels free on the Mayong server, with 50 free aa points (may it R.I.P), and then with RaF you could get the same thing. Currently Webzen is still giving out max level characters, decked out in full gear for all their MMO games. AoC gives free levels. Those are just a few who have done this, are they all full of bunch of newbies who don't know their asses from their elbows? I saw praise for this in the past, catching up people to the cap in an older title, but the difference here is people have such a hatred towards WoW. I don't understand it. If you don't play a game you don't have to hate it. Honestly it is quite smart marketing really. I can't wait for them to pull out the HOUSING card ;)

Have an account that was inactive before March 4th? If you want one sent to you email me or leave me a message here, you get seven days free to pop in and check this stuff out and decide.

P.S. Don't hate me because I can get one with my alt account(s)! Mwahaha!

Check out the FAQ about SoR.


  1. A friend of mine sent me a scroll. With all the single player games and TOR I just don't think I have the time of energy to play WoW again. But getting a level 80 instantly is very enticing.

  2. You can accept the free seven days even if you don't pay and get the transfer, levels and all that within those seven days still. See how you feel about it, hehe.

    Yeah, it is a very enticing deal, very cheap, hard to pass it up, lol!

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