Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Good Start

Lots of really great things seem to be releasing this year, as far as MMO games are concerned. I'm really looking forward to Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3. D3 having a release date seems just a tad bit within reach and I can't wait to try it out, my son is excited about it too since he played the first two and still does play the second on occasion. MoP looks beautiful and interesting and already some new exciting content in the games I'm still playing. A good start thus far!

If you have't heard about Vanguard Saga of Heroes, it is going F2P this summer. I am so excited about that, more development, a real team working on the game and content, while all that is nice I also hope to see an influx of new blood. Myself included. I'm very tempted to resub, there are rewards for subscribers, leading up to the F2P launch, it appears more will be added in over time. Check out the post here by Zatozia, on the official VSoH forums. So tempting, I always miss the game even though I've never gotten horribly far in it, I really love the game setting and mechanics. The look and feel, not to forget the music, are just so lovely.

I've been working on my Magician in EverQuest. I love the class and felt like playing her a bit more, she's my main and so I've taken a bit of a break on the monk alt again. I love the name Magician, not a Mage, a MAGICIAN. I'll pull some crazy hocus-pocus on you! Anyhow... For those who haven't ever played one, it is a pet class that focuses on the pet tanking (they're beasts, currently the strongest pets of all the pet classes) and nuking. I enjoy pet classes a lot too so this one is perfect for me.

In EverQuest we have pet focus items which can greatly increase your pets power, such as boosting it's level, hit-points, attack and so on. Currently there are 16 ranks of pet focus and I managed to snag a rank 14 item. My pet was a dark blue con to me at level 90, with pet focus 8 and now at 14, a little less than double that, he is an even con, thus being the same level as my character. I'm locked into my level to work on my alternate advancement points. First working on my pet AA's to make him even more of a beast. I have a ways to go but they're rolling in pretty quickly when I group with Dire.

Dire is working on the other mage, so it will be a really fun combo! We're in the process of power leveling it, me two boxing both mages. I don't enjoy boxing as some people do. I could with all the characters I have but I just can't be bothered unless Dire needs me to. I did it for my Beastlord epic 1.0 quest but that was the last time I seriously boxed.

The guild is sort of at a standstill. I've recruited a few people but most want a large guild. While we're not huge or even close to that, we do play a decent amount and we're always wanting people tag along with our team and it's really awesome xp or aa. With his Shadowknight he can swarm masses of mobs for xp which is ironic, so many people on our server pay 100k+ an hour for the same thing. We don't always use the Sk but it is great xp when we do.

Dire has been a big help with recruiting, even inviting people out of the channels to try us. Last night we watched a guy spam for a guild for hours after deciding he wanted something bigger, after Dire had offered him a chance to get to know us. His loss, he could have tagged along with us instead of spamming the global channel all alone. Can't win them all I suppose.

I've also been messing around with Free Realms a bit. I go in cycles with playing this game. I suppose I like new content on a more regular basis than FR consists of but I am enjoying myself with the farming. It is fun in small amounts of time and the game is really casual and laid back for those times when you just want to putter around and do fun stuff.

You can gain some neat rewards such as clothing and clicky items, which shrink, grow or turn your character into something creepy. It is a nice incentive. I'm enjoying playing it more as there is always something to do, it might be gathering plants for seeds, fishing, questing, farming or just hanging out with a boombox, lol. It's the ultimate chillax game. Great for anyone wanting a real casual experience with a lot of fun things to pick from. I'm still glad I decided to go with a lifetime sub, for me it was a great investment and I've gotten back so much from it already with monthly member packs, even if I don't play.

If you play there is a limited time offer from Alienwear and FR for a really nifty in-game Alienwear shirt. I happened to ask someone where they got it and found out that it was still going on, there are only a limited number of keys so if you want one check out this post on FRInsider.

Forsaken world has flying mounts now! I had to log in and check it out. Basically you gain a free hot air balloon and a flying license if you're 25+, you just find the flying instructor behind the auction area, and it appears there are more quests later on as you level and higher ranks of flying. It was pretty awesome to log in and fly in Forsaken World. It is not limited, you can sit in the air and fly around as long as you like, there is a speed boost and that is what is consumed by using it, which I am not sure what regens it, time or a component. Very cool and I'll want to fly around more this week in the game to some quests, hehe. The picture at the top of the post if my character flying in her new Hot-air Balloon

That's it for me this evening. Have a great week!


  1. When are the two of you going to finally come back home to BB? All of this playing on FV makes me sad.

  2. Aw! Don't know if we have many/any chars left there anymore. FV is a good server though.

  3. Nice pet illusion on Vobeker.




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