Friday, March 23, 2012

The Daily Pixel

The Daily Pixel

Ah the life of a gamer, always dreaming of things to come. Lots of really cool info recently, seems Guild Wars 2 is feeling closer with the pre-order announcement. I expected a cash shop there but I am not too worried about it, I actually like the things that the first Guild Wars offers in it's cash shop. I'm sure the successor will offer a more robust shop though.

Lots and lots of info on Cataclysm. It looks interesting. I like the idea of all dps groups, though I'm sure there will be lots of recount spam and annoyances. I was really surprised to hear about personal farms, while the idea is cool I'd rather have housing. It would be neat if they'd tack on houses to the farms in the future. I have a farm in Free Realms but it gets boring after awhile. I suppose for now I'll settle for a farm.

The removal of Have Group Will Travel seems a genuine trademark move of Blizzard. We want travel to be easy, we want it to be hard. Heroics are easy, heroics are hard. Will Blizzard ever make up their mind(s)? Even though I sound like I am complaining I still think there are some great things headed our way in MoP, the pandas are cute too!

Oh, and yay on the note that item squishing won't happen. While stats are super inflated I don't want to revert, it would kill the one area of play that actually interests me in WoW- Running older content. Hopefully Blizzard gets a handle on how they work itemization one day, but today I'm glad I'm not paying for their mistakes. I'm excited for MoP, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. While we wait Blizzard has a list of things to keep you busy.

Probably the most interesting news for me would be Vanguard going Free to Play! Not because I want to play in Tealon free, which I am sure I will do from time to time, but this means game development! The game is already being assigned a team and good things seem to be in store for Vanguard. This is a wonderful game that has been neglected for far too long! This is probably the most exciting news out there for me this week. It looks like it will convert this summer, most excellent news! Check out the producer's letter here.

I'm still chugging along in EQ, I hit 80 this week with my Monk, hopefully I'll hit 85 in the next few days. I've had some interest in the guild but due to Rl play-time has been spotty so if you're looking to join- add me to friends I'll be on through the weekend.

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