Friday, February 17, 2012

Sixty Hours!

My best friend messaged me today and asked if I'd pass along some info on a really interesting project that takes place this weekend. So here is what he's asked me to pass along:

Mojang (Minecraft creators) took votes to make a new game- strategy shooter with steampunk ancient egypt theme, lol. The catch: they have to make it this weekend, only 60 hours. While it is being created, you can buy it for as little or much as you want (.01 cent or $1,000 doesn't matter) and all proceeds go to 4 charities however you choose to divide it up. It also being streamed live the entire event and you can watch them code it, test it, etc. Has cameras on them and their screen is also being streamed. Very cool for a good cause.

Very cool indeed, some great incentive as well. You can find out more here and watch live as well as chat!

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