Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today I saw that Erinys from Harpy's Nest had tagged me in a screenshot post about WoW. Which seems fitting, since I've been drawn to WoW a lot this week. Sure, I've been playing a lot of games lately but I mostly alternate them every few days, sticking with one more than the others and with the holiday events I've been enjoying things a lot in Azeroth.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what always draws me back in. I even had a really bad expeience last week and I thought... "Maybe this is it, maybe I should just give up on this game." Then another friend subbed, we had fun messing about in Org, reminiscing the old days and I forgot all about the bad experience and remembered why I still keep playing- because I still have fun despite things that bother me.

But, yeah, WoW always draws me back in, maybe it is the combat, maybe it is the vibrant world, perhaps the holidays, maybe it is the memories. WoW wasn't my first MMO, I had played Everquest since 2000. I will say it was really a brand new experience though, and this picture has made me remember being a newbie again in Stormwind so long ago and why I fell in love with WoW.

It isn't one of my oldest, as most of those were lost with a few computers dying over the years, but it is old enough, if you notice, before Cataclysm hit. A newbie Warlock with the world ahead of her, ready to set off and explore, the world full of mystery. To this day I still enjoy exploring (archaeology helps a lot with this), collecting and just enjoying the little things. Many good friends have come and gone but I think WoW is a better place because they were, at one time, a part of Azeroth. Their memories and adventured will forever be ingrained and entwined in the fabric that is Warcraft.

So a toast to what lies ahead, to friends and characters from the past! The Harpy (Erinys) has commanded that I choose six other bloggers to pass this onto, here's what you do:

  • Find your screenshot folders
  • Open the sixth sub-folder. I have many different folders saved in various places with shots, I chose the oldest I could find. If you don't have any truly old ones, don't worry I didn't either.
  • Post the image and share something about it and why you took it. (Sappy posts are purely optional for sappy people like myself) 
  • Find six other bloggers, link to them and invite them to participate.

Hrmm... who on my blogroll still plays WoW these days? The number of WoW blogs has shrunk lately :( The six I am choosing to share this fun post idea with are those who I thought could really share some great memories and some of them are just as crazy as I am when it comes to screenshots. Even if you're not listed feel free to participate!

(Maybe I can lure a few of into a WoW post)

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  1. Your pic reminds me of when I started playing Alliance in the early days.




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