Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now Playing 2/26

This week I decided to do another video showing off what I'm playing. Some brief footage in-game for each one, showing the combat, UI and the world. I enjoy doing these videos just to show off some of these great games. Anything longer would start to get dull so I try to keep them short and sweet. I suppose I'll call these 'Now Playing' :)

Vitt was messing around in Halls of Honor and saw Mithaniel Marr was up, he asked if I wanted to kill him, as if he needed me but it was fun to head in there and down him. The last time I did was during the PoP era doing progression (Vit and I got one kill away from our PoT flag before we had to take a break due to a move IRL).

I'm still playing Everquest but mostly on the weekends when he plays. I enjoy the game more so as a duo and have been mostly working on my Beastlord who is parked at 75, along with Vit's Rogue, working hard on AA points. I thought it would be neat to fraps an old boss kill for a video. I had to shorten the footage a lot, as it took several minutes to kill, these bosses still have a lot of hitpoints.

Allods Online
Really enjoying Allods. I managed to log in every day for the 14 day (Play For Rewards) event. I also got very attached to the game in the process. I thought I'd show off the next area I'm working through, quests and some combat with my summoner. As you can see in the video- Ding 15! I could be higher but just taking things slow enjoying my time and doing a lot of event type stuff for fun and rewards (notice my shiny appearance stuff).

Loong Online
I found this game recently, it is smooth as butter and polished. I don't know if I will actually play it but it is a really good free to play title. It has some gorgeous visuals, a robust and interesting pet system, as well as appearance slots and PvP sieges if that is your thing. The combat right now, at my level, is a bit bland but maybe it will spruce up a bit once I get more abilities. I thought it was worth showing in the video too.

The mount in the video is a free 29 day, or so, one that I got for free. I love the pet system the little guys even loot for you! The class system is kind of different as you pick your playstyle as you go. You choose in game to wear cloth/armor and what weapons to use then which skills you want. That sets you on a path of what you will be classified as. It does appear that this game had some decent financial backing, you can't help to notice fluid and gorgeous it is.

In my next video I'd like to show a bit of Zentia. That is another fun free to play title I'd like to share more about but enough for today. Hope you enjoy the video! The awesome song can be found- here.

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