Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SW:TOR Impressions

I didn't expect to get the urge to play SWTOR so soon but after thinking about what BioWare game I wanted to play next; DA:O again? KTOR? Finish my DA2 replay? I just decided it would probably be the most fun to try The Old Republic. How many times have I wished I could continue going on from the story I loved in one of those games, or wished it was an MMO? Plenty enough to be drawn into SWTOR.

I've seen all the SW movies, numerous times, I've been a fan since I was a child. Begging to stay up late to watch the movies, thinking R2-D2 was the coolest thing ever, you get the gist. I just didn't ever have the urge to play a Star Wars MMO. However, the game is really growing on me but I think if it were developed by any other company I probably wouldn't be playing it, in all honesty. Why? I'm really drawn into the story and loving the companions deal, all that BioWare goodness.

Meet Sablesix.

So, anyhow, I made the decision to play a smuggler and go heals with her. She is sitting at level 12 currently. I've gotten my first Companion, probably the one I will use the most as he is a tank, Corso Riggs. I've pretty much gotten used to hearing him yell out- "YEHAWW!"- in combat and I even told him he was a farm boy once, he didn't like that too much. I was just teasing :( I'm glad that I have a companion that I like, he is growing on me. My brother had to wait many levels before he got the companions he really wanted.

I've not made any alts and I am quite enjoying the smuggler. She seems like a good choice. I am feeling her more than I was my beta character, I don't know why that is. My brother hit 50 today (GRATZ NOPH!!) and ran me through my first flashpoint. Way to start out the game, getting run through with a 50, lol. It was fun and I wanted to do something with him since we're both playing now. He also showed me Huttball (PvP) which was pretty fun. I'll probably be doing a bit of PvP with him, since we can queue up together regardless of levels. Plus he is quite good, it should be a fun aversion.

Corso Rigs, my farm boy companion.

As I advance int he game I've found some really gorgeous places, the game surpasses my expectations with that. It also seems much smoother than it was in beta. I hear a lot of people complaining about the UI but I've never been really picky about a UI. I mean if you want to pick apart one go check out DAoC. If it functions then I am happy.

I had to pry myself off the game today, the more I play the more I want to play. I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. I don't know how much I will like it post 50, once the story is done, but I plan on seeing how it is. I do see a lot of criticism on the fact that BioWare decided to put so much effort into story and that was a huge oversight, however I am mixed about this because it is exactly what draws me to TOR. That's about it for today, just some impressions I wanted to jot down. I play on the Dreshdae Cantina Server, if you're around look me up- Sablesix. 

Noph and I.


  1. So I am debating whether to buy this or start playing EQ2 again. I still like playing WoW- just looking for some other filler :).

    Would you recommend TOR or the new EQ2 expansion stuff? I hear the Freeport server is booming with lots of people at all lvl brackets.

  2. Hey ;) Hows that night shift going!

    Well since the whole game went free to play (EQ2) the Freeport server has been or is being merged with the Bazaar server. I'm back on CB which is still quite populated.

    As far as which one, that is a tough choice. The new FP revamp is really great for the lower levels especially and the new beastlord class is just awesome.

    I'm digging ToR a lot but simply because it feels so much like an RPG game, not sure if that is really what you want, plus the pace is a lot slower than EQ2 and WoW (being that it is new and only 50 levels). But it is really an experience I can say is totally worth it just for the story, thus far.

    For a filler EQ2 being free would probably be the better bag for the buck, I suppose just because you don't really have to sub to pop in here and there. I'm currently not subbed. A tough choice though because they are both lots of fun with all the fun new stuff to play with!

  3. Night shift is sucking bad! Thankfully, tomorrow night.. well.. I guess technically tonight.. is my last night ha.

    So hard to decide. I will probably play some EQ2 on CB then. I also am not sure how well TOR will run on my computer. But man, I so desperately want to play a Sith Sorceror and do some chain lightning lol.

    Oh why can't GW2 just come out? lol

  4. Good to hear! It can be a rough shift to work, gets you all out of wack.

    Add Sablesix on CB, I still play Nyomi but not as much these days. We'll have to do some dungeons or something, let me know :)

    ToR seems to run a bit smoother than it did in beta. Though it still is a bit more demanding than WoW. Check this out- might give you a better idea about how it might run.

    Yeah, GW2 is taking too long!




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