Thursday, December 1, 2011

4.3- Yay!

Time to transmog! Goodbye ugly gear!

Dragon Age II has been consuming most of my play time lately. I oft wish I could drag my team of fabulous AI and have them join me in WoW. Fenris, Anders... How about you guys tank and heal for me? All kidding aside, I've really been enjoying my single player RPG games. When I want to actually play with real people I hop into WoW. Now there is more reason with the new patch.

Finally 4.3 is here (just in time for my birthday)! First thing I did was collect my shiny new ponies. The sparkle pony is officially retired. Then I headed to the bank to collect all the items I wanted to use as appearance gear and dropped some coin on that stuff, with the hunter. Thus I now have a nice looking set, it could use some tweaking but I'm in no rush.

As for playing, next up will be the horde priest. I'll probably start tomorrow, working on gathering some appearance items. There is a lot of really great looking cloth gear to collect so that should keep me pretty busy! I'm really happy that we now have appearance 'slots'. Though I've already seen more black mageweave in one day than I need to in a lifetime. Get creative people! It's not 'hawt'... it's newbish looking. Anyhow, I have seen some real creative things put together too. Kudos to those people who actually want to make something interesting and unique.

I've not really looked into the new dungeons, I hope to before long on the hunter or maybe I'll work on the priest in order to check those out. All in due time. I am interested in the new LFR deal as well. For Dire this is really something that could work for him. I'm still curious if they are short enough to be sweet? I'll have to experiment around with it later on in the month. I really want to work on the priest but I need to upgrade my gear a bit, so it will take a little bit of time.

Sunday the new Darkmoon Faire hits, I am excited, it looks to be filled with a lot of neat stuff. Appearance item sets (Dungeon set 1 and 2 or otherwise known as tier 0 and 0.5 heh), pets and other fluff associated with tickets and daily quests. Ah, what more could a gal want for her birthday, more fun fluff!

Oh and did you notice this?

Improved Outland & Northrend Quest Flow
  • The amount of experience needed to gain levels 71 through 80 has been reduced by approximately 33%.
  • Many Group quests in Outland and Northrend have been re-tuned to allow players to complete them solo. They are no longer labeled as Group quests.
  • Relevant questgivers have been moved into Outland and Northrend dungeons. The majority of dungeon quests for these zones are now available from within their respective dungeons.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll ding 34, heh. I'm sure I'll be extremely lazy with posting until next week. Dire has ordered me a cake and I'm hoping for dinner too (nom, nom, nom),  should be a busy weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!




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