Friday, November 18, 2011

Skyrim... And Stuff

I've been patiently waiting for WoW's 4.3 to hit, alas it is taking it's sweet time. Here and there I've been working on my paladin on the Horde. Other than that I've been puttering around in SL doing some hunts and exploring some really interesting places.

I found DA2 on sale, not too long ago, for fourteen bucks so I had to pick it up. When I got around to playing it, well, Dire decided he wanted to play and confiscated it from me. He's been playing it every evening and he likes it a lot, I think he really enjoys the companions, much like he did in DS2. I am surprised he took up playing it since he sort of ignored Fable III and Dragon Age, when I was playing them. But he has gotten much further than I in DA2. I'll pick it back up once he has finished it.

I always enjoy leveling in Nagrand.
Instead I've been reading (and drooling over) many blogs sharing a lot of great stuff on Skyrim. While I didn't play Oblivion all the way through (I played around and stole a few horses and explored, lol), I did spend a decent amount of time in Morrowind, years and years ago. I was playing TOR beta when Skyrim came out and while I was interested in it, I wasn't really frothing at the mouth for it... until I read all the great reviews for it and saw all the lovely shots. Then my mouth started foaming and I felt a rabid desire to play. Since then I have been going around trying to get a copy, yes I could have bought it on steam but I just love getting the box. Finally, I found it at Gamestop, last night. My last resort before purchasing on Steam.

I just had to get my hands on it! I haven't gotten too far yet, as I was so tired last night I crashed pretty early. I did manage to get rolling and see a little bit of it. Some of it is nostalgic from Morrowind, grabbing stuff and plundering through barrels and what not. I had fun looking for anything I could pick up, lol. I remember stealing silverware in the other games, just because I could... lol. Hey! I might need a fork, out in the wilderness, you never know!

Drink me.
I was enticed about having a companion to help me on my adventures, the vast world to explore and the housing. A lot of good stuff in an RPG. I love RPG games where I can explore, dump my treasures into my dwelling and ride off on my steed for more adventures. Lots of exciting things to look forward to seeing. I also enjoy that there are no classes, this should be pretty fun!

Previously in this series the characters always looked like they were beaten with the ugly stick, no matter how hard you tried. Females always looked horrible and had hair that looked like it was cut and styled by a blind, one armed, barber. I was pleasently surprised with the models, armor and especially the hair. My character actually looked cool.

More to come on my thoughts of Skyrim as I progress through it. I still want to check out DCUO but I haven't gotten around to it, I've been hearing good stuff about it and I am intrigued. Maybe in a few weeks. Anyhow, have a great weekend!

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