Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful holiday. I'm thankful for family, friends, my readers and my fellow bloggers :) Don't eat too much turkey!


  1. Happy Gobbly Gobble! We ended up with a pre-made dinner thing, but it tasted quite good so while I was initially feeling like I got switcheroo'd, I was more than pleased with the end results ^_^

    Did you get the turkey? I ended up making an army of alts so the Misses could get hers. Had some fun with the naming, too. Most of them were "Immaturkey" as I was gonna delete them a few minutes later anyway, but several I had fun with. Like I named the gnome rogue Lildrumstick and the undead one Leftovers XD

  2. Happy Turkey Day to you too! Hehe, sounds like you ended up with a good and easy meal! We had supper at my mother's house... As always she out did herself. Mmmm...

    I didn't get the achievement, I just got lazy and didn't feel like running to the capitol cities (esp Darnassus, on horde, since the change) with my 66 Pally. I have the achievement on the main so no big deal, I'll get it with the alt next year.

    Haha, cute names! I was going to roll up rogue alts too. I sure hope those turkey shooters last until next year!

  3. Actually, Darn was the second easiest one to get for me on the Misses' Druid. Mind you it was 84 at the time and guards might see it a tad farther, but Ironforge was my first city to try and ironically was the BIGGEST pain in the arse of the whole event! No matter where you choose to land the guards spot you. I barely made it out on several failed attempts, went back stealthed as a kitteh and still was seen. Ended up taking off all the gear and purposely dying next ot a seat just to respawn on it, right-click it, and die a second time before rezzing at the GY to get credit :/

    SW was the easiest, but depended upon the people there as no guards were close at all. Darn was next up, only trouble was getting to Darkshore. From there you can fly even at 150% from shore to the NE Tree's shore with time to spare. Then fly straight up for a good long while and that's about it. Exodar was good, though a high level ally was on the boat with me and I was worried he'd spot me but I got there and credit okay in the end before hearthing out like mad.

  4. After I thought about it I figured it would be easier with flying, but at 66 I think it would be too easy for some 85 taking a boat ride to just one shot me, lol.

    Doh! I'd have thought IF would have been much easier, sorry to hear it gave you guys so much trouble!




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