Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Tank Is Born

No more long queues for this Pally!

My paladin hit level 30 last night and I'm pretty happy about the progress. The levels just zoom past in a whirl and by the time I notice I am already needing to move to another zone. I am sort of skipping content but only because I have been doing a lot of dungeon runs.

I initially went into my first group as Ret, annoying wait times but I wanted to try things out as dps. Upon joining the group I noticed we had a poor  little arms warrior trying to tank while the healer poked fun of his aggro. Mr.Healer ended up dropping the group after he pulled a ton of adds and one member died... So I started healing and pulled us through. We got another healer and moved on. Then at some point the tank drops the groups. I throw up Righteous Fury and tank the rest of the instance with the four of us (tank never joined... long queues!) with ease. Thus my Paladin has become a tank in instances since then. I had thought a lot about it I just wasn't sure if I wanted to or not. I guess maybe I was just nervous at trying something new.

I read a post about Rets tanking (others poopooing the idea) in lower lvl instances but it is so easy and if you have someone competent enough to do it, there is no problem with it. You can actually tank or heal as ret (given you switch out gear) up to lvl 30 at least. The class is extremely.... 'godly' at the lower levels.

I really love the lower level instances and while I am not sure if I will tank allll the way to 85 I am enjoying it now. It is nice not having people complain about my spec or my dps, instead they follow me and hope I don't leave the group...  Mwahaha. Instant groups at any time of the day or night truly rock. Sometimes they don't follow me... I had a group go the other way and I had to tank and heal myself for several minutes. I almost left the group but I don't like to be a jerk to people so I gave them a chance to catch up to me. They were sort of frantic so I just let it go.

That is something else I don't do. I don't care what your dps is as long as we're clearing out these instances and nobody is dying over and over. What bothers me is when someone else pulls. I let them tank the mob while I move on. Yeah a bit of an ass in that aspect but they have to learn sometime, right? This is when it happens multiple times and they have pulled while I already have a pack of mobs on me and I've just about had enough. It drives me nuts when dps get trigger happy, sure I can snag the mobs easily but it's just rude. In this case you're not going to rush me with that gogogo crap, we'll do it my way as long as I tank. I let people drink and stop to wait for group members to catch up. I want my runs to be enjoyable.

I can see why there is a tank shortage, especially at the higher levels. I can also see why some tanks have a short fuse but I still don't agree with people picking on others and I try to be as civil as always, even if I can get another group lightning fast.

So, I am enjoying being a tank inside the dungeons, I still like to go as Ret outside them. It is a new experience because I've not ever leveled as a tank in dungeons and I am enjoying it a lot. Something new to look forward to progressing with.

So, now I that I hit 30 I have a true tank spec, yay! What do you use your second spec for? Mostly with paladins I use one for holy so this is a big change for me.


  1. I rolled a pally do play with my sister during the Summer but it was purely a healer. No dual spec, just a heal beast. After level 40 something I had to stop and have not being able to play that lovely cow beast again.

  2. How come? I'm starting to feel annoyed with pugs, even at this lvl, again.




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