Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello, Kitties! Bye Bye, Deadzones.... And Other Thoughts.

This weekend I finally finished up the Hallows End achievements and got my spiffy new title- The Hallowed! I was pretty happy about that, Dire also finished his up. It was really fun and the PvP part wasn't taxing either, only needed ten kills with the G.N.E.R.D buff. So it was easy even for a Care Bear, like me. It was one-hundred or so, in the past, in any case it was a lot more than ten. I am still crossing my fingers for the HH mount! I bought the cute little Feline Familiar, one of the coolest pets. It mounts up and follows you on a broom when you do and to top it all off it has the cutest little hat.

Besides sharing my Hallows end tales I wanted to talk about some of the changes coming to the game. Over the weekend I caught up on some of the Blizzcon stuff I had missed, stuff like ranged items being removed- except for hunters. Hunters will not have melee weapons anymore. We'll also not have a deadzone either. That is one thing I am very glad about, I have wished, for years and years, that it would be removed.

However, I am mixed on the appearance of weapons we will have. Luckily I haven't farmed too many new items (I won't be able to sport my new HH Sword), but I am sad that some of my banked weapons will be useless. The good coming with the change outweighs the bad though. My biggest worry is that we'll just get quivers on our backs. I really hope bows and guns are implemented across the hunters backs. I don't want some silly quiver when everyone else gets to sport awesome looking weapons! There is a reason my druid is parked, stuff was always hidden behind a form (until recently with ToL being removed from resto). Of course I won't quit my hunter if we don't get to show them off. It is just something I hope to see, visible bows and guns.

So other than hunters having ranged, nobody else will. Wands will be a primary weapon, weird but kind of interesting. I don't think this is a huge deal. As a hunter it was sometimes annoying to find a decent bow then worry about a stat stick too, I've had horrible luck in heroics trying for the one I wanted. I think it will be less to worry about. I like the change.

Speaking of change, the talent change seems, to me, to be a good thing. From what I gather the aim here is to try to get rid of cookie cutter specs which force people to play what preforms the best instead of what they like the best. There is a choice of what you can pick, but in the end if you don't want to be looked at as an idiot or poked fun at, you don't really have a choice. You look for the best spec and go with it. "Google a spec noob, it isn't hard!" Sound familiar?

As a hunter who prefers to play as BST, while MM is the better dps spec, I have run into a bit of trouble with players being abusive to me even before getting a chance to prove myself. I don't enjoy it. I don't like being penalized for playing a spec that is comfortable to me. I have always preferred this spec and through Cata I've been very stubborn with wanting to mainly play it. I'm not always BST, but if I can get away with it...I am.

The new talent trees offer more choices in the way of utility. Sure, some people will say you need this or that, but I think ultimately all the choices will be good solid choices that give you more flavor and a chance to pick more along the lines of how you want to play. I welcome the new talent changes. People complain about how everything keeps changing, it would have continued to (the talent tree revamps) even if the slate wasn't wiped clean and started over. I have hopes this will have a better impact on keeping things familiar in the long run. Less class revamps possibly.

Last but not least: PvE scenarios. These sound like something fun and laid back to do in a group setting. No tanks, no healers needed, just people. There are three parts which include killing a boss at the end. I think these could be very popular and really be something fast and enjoyable, instead of waiting in the queue for a tank and a healer. A nice change! Plus, there are rewards, a bonus to the fun. If you haven't read about these check out WoW Insider.

How do you feel about the additions and changes in MoP? What has you excited? When do you expect to see Pandaren in Azeroth?


  1. I'm a slight bit suspicious as to how a group will work without a tank and healer in the scenarios (esp. the one like AV they mentioned, which got my interest in the first place ^_^). As long as it doesn't resort to a "JUST DEEPS, NPCZ HEEL JOO EZ!" I think it'll be fun.

    Challenge mode is probably my favorite feature, though I am interested in trying out the support roles as a monk. Possibly a troll or forsaken. (If I was ally I'd roll gnome of course :D) I'd like to see how the story pans out this time around with it based on the factions and not a Snidely Whiplash boss that taunts you along the way. I've heard "putting the War back in Warcraft" so many times, glad they finally are doing just that.

    Grats on the kitteh! Saw you on the other day but we were trying to douse the flames of the headless horsemen attacks. Had to do is three times before we got the kinks out on who throws water to who, but in the end we got it XD

  2. I have hopes it will be a nice change, short and sweet queues too. I'm looking forward to both of those being implemented. Can't wait!

    Aw, yeah we have to try several times too. My husband and son were just complaining yesterday about having to do it multiple times.

    Seems they sped it up this year though (last year I missed it). The wait times between each set of fires seems very fast. And he dots people... Killed my son's baby warrior yesterday. I told him to get out of the way and he won't dot ya, lol.




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