Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Postcards From Norrath

Veeshan's Peak- Blast from the past!
My EQ2 Inquisitor is sitting just a few bubs away from level 87, progress is going quite well. I quest and group in the evenings and that has been a lot of fun. My guild is a good bunch and now that I am getting closer to the cap I am asked to join in on groups on a regular basis. It still feels weird getting asked to heal those places I've always been too low for! I'm not specced purely healer either, but it works, I end up doing things I didn't think I could. Sometimes we crash and burn but we try a boss again and most of the time get it on the next round, which is always a great feeling. I know once I hit 90, gain better gear and have all my spells bought up, I will be doing much better.

My guild leader said he might start tanking more if I was going to be healing, which was really flattering to me. I enjoy healing and I'm glad I can help out in the groups with that role. Most the time it has just been three of us as we sometimes play late at night but it has been a lot of fun. Lots of fun, jokes and just good times. Which really opens up a whole new game for me, seeing things I haven't yet.

My snazzy new shield!
Last night I saw a shield I really wanted in auction, it was appearance only and there were some bids on it. I wanted it but I was outbid, I ended up letting it go after a certain point, not wanting to put too much into it. Awhile later the person auctioning it sent me a tell asking if I still wanted it (for my last bid price) and I took them up on it. I could do the instance it drops in (I do sometimes, with no luck) but I have such crummy luck! So, now I have a lovely heart shaped shield to carry around on my adventures. It was a good day in EQ2. Yes, you can bid items off in the auction channel, many people bid on raid gear which is kinda cool- but expensive!

I've been working on all of my factions in the Sundered Frontier and one of my favorites has been the Hua Mein. The Hua Mein are a bunch of panda (warriors) people who are hidden away from society, deep in the mountains. My faction broke off abruptly and will have to be continued as a daily quest at 90, which really put me off. Most of the items on the faction merchants are for level 80. There are still several items I want so I'm itching to get to 90 so I can finish it off. I am sure it will take some time, being locked behind daily quests. I do love the Hua Mein, they have a nice story behind them, lots of cool lore, plus I just want to hug one, they are too cute!

Yesterday, after the update, I saw that the new Felwithe and island housing had been added to the live game, but they were not in the cash shop. They are really awesome, the Felwithe Mansion is just gorgeous, I have to have it. I wish they'd put it up already, I can't wait for it to be MINE! It looks like nothing more will be added until next week (at the very least) as they are still being tweaked on test. And... the spire/ring event still hasn't been added back in. I hope it will be soon! Today Moonlight Enchantments are here, I am off to visit some enchanted brownie grottos!

Leaving you some postcards (screenshots) from Norrath ;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. This post has an obscene amount of panda in it!

    Tell me something, do you really get to play ALL the MMOs you have listed in the column on the right? And if yes, HOW DO YOU FIND TIME?!?




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