Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekend Recap

Something new always perks my interest in one of my games I've wandered off from. This weekend I wanted to check out the new mounts that were added into EQ2. Well, I checked out the leaping mount as I wanted one on my EQ2X character who is sitting at level 35. They are a nice addition. I'm not super crazy about them but I suppose there is a novelty about them I like- I can jump off cliffs!

There has also been a change in mount speeds. The ground mounts are now all 130, some started at 20% (I think some may be 135? But they cap higher with aa points), which is a huge boost. The new 'air' mounts seem to be 60% with a speed boost when leaping or gliding. In my opinion it is just easier to run past things at 130% speed, but the good thing is I can use the leaper to get up to high places and jump off cliffs with no fear of dying. I like that. I do wish you could set up your mount key to have multiple mounts, it just isn't working out having to open my mount window every time I need to use a different type. Hopefully this will be addressed soon. All in all I am at least loving 130% mount speeds!

I haven't logged on in awhile but I do find myself missing the depth of the game, the crafting, the housing, the community, the many, many wonderful events that pop up each month. I may start popping back in on my EQ2X account, a friend has offered to help me get some levels so I just might take him up on that! Plus he has a great guild, since most of mine went to Rift I might join his if I become more active. I also received some snazzy arm bands from my free LoN packs, I want to utilize those ;) Pictured above, pretty!

Mostly Champions Online has been my main staple for my MMO cravings. I enjoy the build I put together and it really has been a lot of fun questing and doing missions. Each week I look forward to the weekly comic issue and that is a plus, engaging content to look forward to weekly is awesome.

I have not been trying to blow through the levels, I am only 16 at the moment and I wonder how end game will be. I hear mixed reactions. Some people love high end and others sound bored. While it is very casual (just what I am looking for) it may be a little repetitive once you've done things for awhile. I am looking forward to the addition of the housing, aka hideouts, maybe they will add a bit of spark, it would be nice if you could collect things for your hideout.

All in all I really enjoy Champions and I am not going to judge what I haven't had the chance to experience. It is a fantastic game that still has me quite hooked. It is a really nice change of pace, especially for those burnt out on the same ol' same ol' fantasy MMO games.

Lately I need something casual, we have a new seven month old mini Dachshund girl I am trying to get settled in.

Lil' Miss (Missy)

Have a great week peeps!


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Awww Missy is so cute! I love sausage dogs! :D

  2. Thank you :D I do too, I call her little weenie, lol.




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