Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I walked in and saw Dire was installing Vanguard. I did a double take! Well, he was trying to. The silly station launcher was giving errors so we had to find another link for the direct download of the game. I'd mentioned that he should pick up his free 45 days and give it another shot but didn't think he'd bother. I was happy to see he actually wanted to.

He really had a blast on Saturday when he sat down to play it and was still playing it when I went to bed! He has managed to make it to level nine and I even went and helped him with a dungeon, which was a lot of fun for him. I don't know if it will last but he seemed very taken with the game. I managed to get another level over the weekend, I was pretty busy so I was glad to at least get one level.

It is always relaxing to log in to Vanguard, I love the music in the zones. In some MMO games the music grates on my nerves until I turn it off, but not in this one. I enjoy the combat and questing, and there are so very many quests to do. Someone said, on the forums the other day, 'Sony you had the crown jewels and you never even knew it.'-Very true, this game is a real gem. I always was under the impression it was very hardcore but there is plenty of room to be casual. Plus the game has a great community full of people who love this game, just look on the forums, lot of passionate players. Lately I've seen a few new people joining back, or taking a gander and posting there. God to see the welcome back time and the new station access price is helping with that!

On the side, when I want something to log in for half an hour or so, I have been playing Champions Online. My newest character is sitting at level eleven now. I'm enjoying this game too. I must say I don't feel nearly as restricted as I have in other F2P games, I haven't put down a subscription yet. I did unlock a few costume slots and grabbed a cool device that turns me into a vampire with life tapping abilities, which helps when I need some heals.

I like that this game has instances or rather missions that I can solo if I want, duo or even join a group for. Another thing I love is the weekly Issues- a weekly comic series you can play through. If you've played Star Trek Online, it is similar to their episodes. The first one had some really cheesey cutscenes but they are getting better and are a nice fun change from what I am use to. I absolutely love the idea of new weekly content! Plus, you can always replay through these.

I suppose it is the allure of 'Be Anything You Want!' that gets me. It reminds me being a kid, I was a huge He-Man, She-Ra, Ninja Turtle, GI Joe, insert other cool 80's cartoons here, so playing this is like letting my inner child out to be what I always wanted to be, as a kid. I love the freedom of looking how you want and playing that way, plus being able to tweak it as you go is a huge plus. You can visit a tailor anytime you want to change your appearance for only a few silver.

Another thing that is really appealing to me would be the housing, or should I say- hideouts that are to be added soon! A hide out for my hero?! Yes please! There are a couple examples: the Moonbase and the Basement, they look pretty nifty. I have heard they are due out next month, exciting!

I have found that sometimes giving a game a second or third try is sometimes very worth it. Sometimes one game isn't what we want right then, but later on it can fit us just right. Last week Syp said-, "I find that it’s important to go back to older MMOs that didn’t stick the first (or third) time, because (a) first impressions aren’t always the most reliable, (b) tastes change over time, and (c) games improve over time.  I wanted to figure out what people liked in this game, and, hey, it costs nothing but time to check out.' He really hit the nail on the head there.

Safe adventures all, have a great week!

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