Saturday, June 25, 2011

SWG: A Sad Ending

SWG will fade off into the sunset...

I'm sure many have already heard the buzz about SWG closing it's doors for good on December 15th of this year. Very sad to hear that this long going game will be fading off into the sunset. I know the game still has people who love it and some who like knowing it is there for whenever they have the urge to head back to it. I never was really much of a SWG player but I still hate to see this happen. A sad day for SWG players. Massively has a great interview with John Smedley with plenty of details- here if you'd like to read it.

I suppose Lucas Arts didn't want to renew the contract with the IP. Honestly, I think this was a bit greedy to pull the rug out from under SWG, so to speak. It really puts a sour taste in my mouth with Lucas Arts. There isn't really an expiration date on MMO games and they won't all go on forever but it is really sad to see any get shut down for reasons such as this. Like SWG would have been much competition. Seriously.

I do hope the final days are filled with fond memories and people get plenty of screenshots. I have a free month still and I just might have to use that so I can visit this world before it is too late. My brothers both played this game, back in the day, I always thought it was such an interesting world. Such room for creativity!

Somehow this just makes me much less enthused about the upcoming SW MMO.  My final thoughts on this whole thing?  SOE would do best, in the future, to stay clear of IP based MMO games. I've never been much of a fan for them in the first place.



  1. Without knowing all the details I am guessing that this has less to do with SOE and more to do with Lucas Arts. I never thought that there would actually be two Star Wars MMO's run by two different companies going at the same time.

    Don't let this affect your thoughts on TOR, this was going to happen eventually.

  2. I feel for SOE, another hit below the belt. I'm just not impressed with LA atm. TOR looks good but it has past the point of interest as it drags on the hype still, heh.

  3. Well I think we can expect TOR sometime after Dec 15th!

  4. True, hehe. I'd like to hear a release date soon!




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