Monday, May 2, 2011

Children's Week

Children Week is here in Azeroth and I thought I'd share some neat pictures of my travels with the three orphans I took under my wing. I still want to work on the achievement but I think the hardest part will be finishing off the PvP part, I like PvP but some of these are just getting lucky, I don't look forward to doing this part. It was nice to get three new pets, more cute pet fluff! The old world quest has changed and it is pretty fun, you get to take your orphan on a ride. Anyhow, on with the pics:

Let's go fly a kite.

Out for a Sunday drive!

Visit to the temple.

Exploring Old Ironforge, cobwebs and all!

Picking up some toys from a peddler. 

Grabbing a treat from 'Cone of Cold'.

New addition to the pets!

Trying our hand at summoning. 

Making new friends.



  1. Ah, dammit. Tempted to resub just for this event to get a new companion. Says a lot about me, doesn't it >_<

    Ah well, I love vanity pets, but it's not worth it :P

  2. Hah, the only pet I really liked so far is Sleepy Willy. Guy's so cute and awesome. Of course I was a wee bit embaressed when I noticed his name was kinda dirty, especially since the monster only has one eye...

    But the way he just plops to the ground and looks around confusedly when he wakes up it too cool XD

  3. @MMOGC- I love new pets too, so hard to pass up this one since they added in a few new ones... Which I only got one of lol. This is one I always tend to miss so I was glad I am subbed.

    @Encrazed Crafts- I got him one year and then felt like I had a pervert pet, haha. He is so adorable though, he drools too!




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