Friday, April 29, 2011

Rifting and Heroics, Mixing It Up

Must...finish... holiday... achievement... !

This morning I've been following the Royal wedding a bit on TV, it started much earlier than I wake up for but I caught it in time for the royal kiss, aww! Such a lovely wedding! I have extended family in the UK so it is a big thing with them.

Anyhow, I've been dabbling with WoW and RIFT a lot lately. Just playing whichever I feel in the mood for. I decided to try a heroic last night, I wanted to see how the CTA implementation would help the queues. I waited fifteen minutes and got a group. Much better than previously, it was prime time so it is hard to gauge how well it is working as we are a higher pop server.

I'm trying to get my gear up to par for the new heroics, I was some of that loot! I managed to acquire one upgrade last night, a new helm. The group was pretty good, a few deaths but no wipes. Everyone was fairly nice, the healer seemed to struggle at times but I think only twice did we use CC, the tank only asked for shackle and basically just zerged the rest. All in all it really wasn't bad at all, a bit long but not horrific. In terms of comparing to wrath, yes very long, but when you compare it to vanilla runs, it wasn't bad. So, for a pug, it was pretty decent.

I managed to get my priest to 64, Dire has passed her up (in his 70's) as I am playing both hunter and priest. I still need to finish up the Noble Garden achievements, I think only the hunter will get it this year, as long as I don't slack off and forget to finish it up. Sunday is children's week. More pets! I can't wait to get my hands on some of those cute little pets, there is a sweet little snail being added too.

Rift, my rogue, which is mainly a bard, is 17 now. I am enjoying the class a lot and she is pretty tough. Maybe not as tough as the chloro when it comes to elites, the chloromancer is really strong in any situation but she is also a bit slow to grind with. I hit 20, last night with the chloro also. Today I plan on messing around with my defiant cleric, another build this time. She is still quite low but I want to see how the class is a little higher up. I might even make a warrior, before long, not sure though. Right now I have enough on my plate. Plus I think I lean more so towards the rogue and leveling her higher.

I  am eagerly waiting on the LFG system and the appearance slots! I cannot wait for those to go live, still a bit of waiting to go but not too long. Hope everyone is enjoying whatever it is they are playing. Right now I am just playing what feels the most fun at the moment, we shall see how things pan out in Rift!



  1. Just an advice:

    Your RIFT toons need buy diferent roles: see if you completed all soul quests, buy a second role at class trainer, and test diferent soul builds with that new role.

    You will see your mage can advance faster soloing with a diferent build (a necromancer or an elemenatlist or a pyromancer main soul). Chloro is good for parties and dungeons, so any mage need have a chloro build.

    The same apply to rogues and cleric and warrior.

    To change roles (soul builds) with only one button click is a great advantage for the soul system.

    João Carlos

  2. Thanks for the tips!

    Right now I have two specs on each character, saving up for another on each. Still a wee bit tight on money.

    With the mage I have messed around with a lot of different specs but I mainly go necro for dps if I change out specs.

    I do love changing out souls, it is such a nice feature.




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