Thursday, April 14, 2011

Postcards From Azeroth! (1-60)

1-60 in WoW was such a lovely journey with the revamped content, I look forward to venturing through it again one of these days. I took some lovely snapshots along the way and I thought I'd share them.

Fight Club in Redridge?!

Fox trot.

Stop nuking me! I'm trying to take a pic!

A tower in the midst of the tree tops.



A warm summer evening, perhaps.

The little city, in Ulduman.

A cozy corner of Stormwind.

A beacon in the Plaguelands.

Zooming over the world!

You never know what's lurking around the corner!


Wrong turn?!

Beauty in the swamp.

How do, Mr. Jaws?

Moments before a Fel Reaver smashed our picnic... Rude!

Chapel in Stormwind.


A little, out of the way place...



  1. Serenity. Because of the Firefly. Nice pun, Mrs. Kaozz. -_^

    The Misses is actually jonesing for WoW *hard* recently. As expected, she'll probably start playing before the end of the week, and likely drag me in to use my timecard. She's been putting that off by scanning allll the old photos she had stored up for years, as well as some I sent to her from my pc back 'in the day'.

    Got some cutie shots like us ontop of IF before you could fly, having a picnic (with the valentine's day item of couse) in the north eastern foresty area in Blade's Edge, us both wearing rabbit ears, and of couse me super huge after ingesting unhealthy amounts of the growing potion from that one dog/badger-men daily in Wrath.

    It's funny how we never take pictures in real life, minus the odd one or two because of other people walking around the house with cameras for holidays, yet we take so many in-game haha Digital Age!

  2. Hehe, thank you!

    Oh... She's pulled out the pics! You better get ready to play ;) What server do you guys play on?

    I had tons of old pics but my old HD went bad so the oldest I really have are on my blog and flikr. I'm glad I post so many pics lol.

    Yeah, I have more pics of my husband's character than of him outside the game, he's so camera shy! He runs from the camera or makes faces to ruin the pics. Though on Christmas he relented some heh. His excuse is he doesn't want to end up pn FB... Ha!

  3. Pretty screenshots! I didn't see this post before I wrote mine, and until I saw your comment, I swear! :P

    On my screenie post, someone gave me this link to put up my pretty screenshots which I think you might enjoy it as much as I do! It's a swanky idea :D

  4. Great minds think alike ;)

    Oh ty for the link! My Flikr space is just about full and I was thinking about finding a new place to put some up. I will have to post some up to that site now!

  5. Oy, been all over the place in terms of servers. Let's see, if I recall correctly, we got alliance 'mains' on Trollbane and the horde mains are on Hellscream. Of course we have the few toons on like *every* server that sounded cool or caught our eye as well, but thems be our mains.

  6. Oh cool. We play on Silvermoon, had a few blogger friends playing here but not so much these days. Had hoped maybe you guys played there too!

  7. Been playin' fer years, only been doing the bloggin' stuffs for a few months :P We could, maaaybe roll an alt for a ceratin kaotic bud-a-roonie, but yesterday Madam did mention quite a resounding negative towards rolling anything Alliance. The word "scum" among other colorful linguistics came about once that faction was brought up...

  8. Ah a die hard Horde! We have many Horde characters but currently we're mostly playing on Alliance for a change of scenery, it is refreshing.

    I'm thinking of moving a char to the Alliance, Hunter or Druid, not sure which. Not too sure yet so we'd probably be on Alliance a lot lol.

    Most of our chars are Horde though, but they are rather neglected. I did do some PvP with the Hunter this morning, it was almost fun... I have zero PvP gear haha. I almost have enough honor for a piece!




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