Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been thinking of up changing a few elements around the blog, I just wasn't sure until lately. I liked the old look but I decided to freshen things up a bit and go with a less cluttered banner while incorporating some of my art into it. Maybe do away with so much purple.... Anyhow, if you popped in and things looked a bit odd, sorry!

As viewed with1920x1080 resolution.
Anyhow, sure the site is image heavy to begin with, but I did try to clean it up some, I had to have a bit of flair or I'd not be a happy kaozz! Just wanting to know what you think of the refreshed look. Good, bad? How does it look to you? I have a widescreen monitor so it looks great in my opinion, however on my son's it looks quite different. How so? On a 1024x768 resolution you just see the main blog area (post, banner, buttons) instead of the background. Not a bad thing just maybe a bit plain.

So, let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate it!

Edit: I kind of got carried away with new buttons. Tired tonight, heading to the couch to chill with the Mr!



  1. I gotta old boob toob CRT, non wide screen. I cannot see it as wide as you designed it, but it still looks good.

    Though, I will say there is a great deal of white space in the top banner. I likey your image, but I think you may need to add more of your images around your logo.

    I'z being constructive, of course. I am well aware zee blog o' mine is heavy on the default images >.>

  2. Thanks! Yeah It is pretty large due to the size of the template, I may have to slim it down some to even it out. It looks good, at this size, on my monitor but the smaller monitors make it appear HUGE!

    Oh I appreciate the feedback! Last time I asked, when I redid the site, I don't think I got ANY replies LOL. I need fresh eyes peer at it hehe.

    Still working on it...ZzzZzz!

  3. Oh, and maybe can you reincorporate that chick you had with the like, slanted goggles? Right now there is miss mammo-licious letting her prized possessions hang all about. I like the grungy steampunky goggle lady betta'! (Not to get rid of the new one, just maybe find a spot to stick the oldin'?)

    And don't worry about slimming the template down, I can read it all just fine. Wide screens are standard at this point, and my dinosaurous monitorous needs an update like my IE, I'm sure -_^

  4. I liked her too, forgot about adding her back in. Wasn't too sure how she fit in with the white. I stuck her on another button hehe!

    Many thanks for the input! I must be getting old.. Tired already at 9pm!

  5. P.S. Get a new browser... Haha I went there ;)

    P.P.S. Just kidding!

  6. I would like to see more where it says ECTmmo maybe bigger it looks a bit lost; maybe tweak it a bit? But youre Uber talented being that you designed your whole page with your talent. That IS talent!

  7. Aw thanks, Janet. I might tweak it some in a day or two, seeing how it grows on me :)

  8. Heya Kaozz,
    I like it, but I'm partial to light backgrounds with lots of open space, lol. I'd make the site name bigger so it could 'fit' with the overall flow of the site. Overall I do like it.

    Boobalicious Diva, in the right corner, seems out of place for some reason, but that's just me. Do what yah like! ;)

  9. Thanks Pouncie! I always have a character under my games so she's there for awhile. That is my beloved Forsaken World priest, I know her boobs do hang out some lol! I needed a change from the EQ2 character I had for almost a year heh.

    I may make the logo bigger, that seems to be what everyone agrees with hehe.

    Thanks for the input!

  10. Thanks for all the feedback! I'm pretty happy with it for now, if I change anything else it will be borderline obsession >_-




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