Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Slump

I said curl up on the couch with the cat... Not curl up on the cat...!

Sometimes it does one good to just curl up on the couch with a cat [and The History Channel] and take some time away from MMO games. Being under the weather has given me some time to step back even more than I had and a chance to see what I felt I was missing. Put things in perspective and read lots of blogs from my phone, I love my Android.

It seems a lot of people are feeling the lull that [this early part of] 2011 has brought with in. We all looked forward to the new year and new games it would bring but still they are slightly out of our reach, if we wiggle our fingers we can almost reach RIFT... almost!  RIFT is still several weeks away but there is another beta up soon, at least. I think a lot of us are over analyzing things and feeling burnt out in general. Some of us keep playing the games we tire of and others just keep talking about them, which can sometimes be just as bad.

There isn't much else to talk about so we just regurgitate different reasons and aspects why we feel this or that way. If you're not going to play RIFT then you probably feel like things are still very far off in the distance, as far as something new to look forward to.

I think in the end we just have to either take things for what they are or just move on. WoW will eventually change direction again, classes will get changed up and we'll all have to relearn things over. It never fails, things change up on us just when we get use to everything. I see people who are upset in the direction that EQ2 has taken and it's the same with all games, once you've played them long enough. As they start to age we start to really tire of them.

Right now these things seem to be magnified as we sit in this lull waiting on something else to come around for distraction. New expansions are not always enough to hold us or perhaps they went in a direction we disagree with. We start to feel stranded.

I'm just as guilty as the rest, just some perspective of being AFK a few days! I'm trying to stay out of this slump and have fun even while waiting. My best advice, for those wanting to play something but not put too much into it, is to pick up a FTP MMO and give it a shot. There's no big loss and it gives us some time away from the norm!



  1. What a great picture lol! What did you do to Tuttles? lol Feel better little Lady! xox

  2. Hehe, thought it was a funny pic too. Ty, wish I would stop coughing :(

  3. FYI: I resubbed to EQ1. I am playing on BB for now and will probably check out the progression server when it goes live. Not sure what my long term plans are though.

  4. I'll make sure to pop in and say hello! I've been wanting to mess around on Dances, she's still sitting over there currently.

    We miss you!




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