Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello There TBC!

Questing in Felwood was a blast.
Over the weekend I managed to get my Paladin to level 62. TBC time again! I just finished up, or rather skipped though most of, Hellfire. As much as I complain about BC I do have a lot of fond memories with this expansion. There are zones like Nagrand that I enjoy visiting again too. I just don't like Hellfire so much. It burns my eyes!

For some reason, I had it stuck in my head that epic flying was at level 60. It's actually 70, so I really want to get that soon as I don't like flying so slow. It's better than not flying though. I don't miss those days of running everywhere on foot, through this expansion.

My knight in shining armor killed a Fel Reaver for me!
Dire has helped me with several instance runs, I think he enjoys running together in old instances. He also hit 85 with his second character, the Warrior. He's working on the Rogue next. He enjoys the leveling process and it gives him something fun to do while waiting on me to catch up with the Paladin. He already has planned out all the old dungeons and achievements he wants us to run.

It was very nice to level through the revamped Azeroth. It seemed to zoom by at a furious pace and I missed so many areas. But even if I took off my heirloom gear, it would still go by at a fast pace. You'd have to lock your level to experience all the content in each bracket, for there are many areas to pick from to level which is nice. It wasn't always like that, in the past, some areas got very thin on things to do. No need of worry these days though, more than enough content for all the levels.

I ended Azeroth with Winterspring. It's such a lovely zone. Not all glaring and white, but with soft purple hues and cute little critters running through the snow. It's a really lovely zone but at some point it starts to grate on my nerves as I don't enjoy all the quests there. Many are quite similar still. I will say Blizzard did a splendid job on the changes to the leveling process. It is really is quite enjoyable. I had said in the past, I will never level a horde character again. It really was kind of blah. Blizzard did a great job at changing that. This time around the lore was good, things were fun, humor in all the right places and just a great experience. And the loot, it was great, I never had to buy anything all the way to 60. Plenty of nice rewards!

Keeping it kind of short today. I'm sort of fidgety, 48 hours with no nicotine! We'll see how I do this time around. Have a great week people!



  1. Holy cow! You blew right by me. I think the last I looked the paladin was level 43 or something! That's some sick leveling there!

  2. I try to really knock out a lot while I'm on. I rarely go to town, sending everything to my banker. Once I hit 70 it will probably slow down a lot =( I hate those wrath zones!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! I've mostly stopped playing World of Warcraft these days...I kinda lost the drive to play after I hit 85, and while my husband wants to do dungeons and heroics, I've really lost the taste for it. Also, I've been busy...we got another puppy :)

  4. Aww yeah I read that you got a new pup. She sounds like a handful!

    I know what ya mean about losing the drive at 85. I just don't have it either. That's what tomorrow's post is about =p




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