Monday, December 27, 2010

Show & Tell!

Some of our new toys! Yes, that is a WoW ghoul.... My son's :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend. I had a lovely time. I got some great presents, had some good food and a nice time with family. I even got my very own Domo! My family got me a lot of cool things, they know me well! Good books, which I was in dire need of!

One of my son's presents was Minecraft. He's been wanting it for awhile and I actually got it a few days before Christmas so he could play it with friend. He absolutely loves it. He had made a really terrific castle but someone wrecked it and from then on they decided to not just let anyone come play with them. He's having a blast and building some awesome stuff, I want to make a video of his place soon. One of these days I'll sit down and mess around with it more so. It's quite fun!

I finally got Sambas! So did my bud, Money (we had to take pics together hehe). Sambas is on either a 12 or 24 hour spawn it looks like, spawning close to the same time always. I didn't spend a lot of time on WoW over the weekend but I popped on a few times. Dire got 85 with the Priest and is now working on alts. He says he runs out of mana quickly just questing, which seems a bit blah. After the last expansion, running out of mana just seems redundant and slow-When questing at 85. I haven't had a big problem with my Druid at 82, but I do notice it's not the same as it was.The Hunter is grand, I love it. I just miss healing sometimes. That's what the Druid is for though!

My WoW account just renewed a few days before Christmas and I'm still enjoying it but I am not really hyped about new instances or raiding. I suppose it's sort of rare that we can do a guild run with enough people on at once. We have the making for a solid group but it's just getting everyone together at once that's the hard part. As of now there is no chance of raiding, as I see it. But it's alright. I mainly putter around with questing and trade skills slowly, archeology keeps me busy too. I just can't stomach pugs very much these days.

For Christmas I also got Station Cash! So, with that I decided to get the new Freeblood race in EQ2. I don't have a sub currently so I've been messing around on the EQ2X server. Which is just chocked full of people. Anyhow, the Freeblood race is very cool. I'm having fun with it. More thoughts in my next post on this though!

I was inspired by the new EQ2 race and did some 'Vampy' art. Check it out, if you like. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the pictures.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, anything special come your way?!



  1. Wonderful prezzies Kaozz!!

  2. Hehe ty =p Someone sure knew what to get me *Wink wink*

  3. ЎHola!
    ЎUf, me gustу! Tan clara y positiva.





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