Thursday, December 23, 2010

Presents! (Free Realms)

New spooky house!

Today came the Free Realms Snowdays member gift packs! Yesterday the December member packs came in. So, it's been a nice two days with all the goodies coming my way! I spent time today decorating my new house (So spooky I love it!) and my new lot. Finally room for my racing way points!

These were rewards for being a member, as a lifetime member you get quite a lot! The items didn't arrive as fast as we were first told but they got here before Christmas, just in time! Plus the December member pack included a snowball ride and 10k gold! It was a very nice surprise to hear I was getting all of this free. I really, really wanted the house! Anyhow, check out my pics! I just had to show them off :)
  • 50,000 Coin
  • Costume Tree Outfit
  • Dot – Dalmatian Pet
  • Wugachug Lot
  • Mega Dance Floor
  • Scaled Dragon
  • Blackspore Swamp House
Lovely new mount!
My cool new lot!


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