Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. Jones! Calling Dr. Jones!

Harrison Jones. I always knew someday you’d come walking back through my door.
85, Finally! I started enjoying the Hunter more around 83 and just kept playing her to 85. Once I got going it went pretty smoothly. That is- until I met Dr. Jones. I was five quests away from finishing off Uldum and the Harrison Jones quest line (phasing) bugged. I couldn't see him. I wanted to Strangle ol' Jonesy. I just watched an Indiana Jones marathon (most of it!) last weekend so at this point the whole quest line got this song stuck in my head:

I was four bubs away from 85 when I had to leave Uldum. I did put in a ticket and hope to finish those quests this week. I loved Uldum, it was fantastic! I love that it had an Egyptian theme too it, I love all kinds of Egyptian stuff. It was like being a kid in a candy store, for me.

As far as zones go I've barely scratched the surface in the Twilight Highlands, it seems to be a lovely zone. It will net me more moneys! Deepholm was kinda blah for me after awhile, I was glad to leave there. I suppose Uldum was the icing on the cake for the leveling experience.

I'm free... FREE!.. No more levels!
Was the leveling process too short? I worked on two characters until around 83 so it seemed longer for me. I enjoyed it but at the end I was getting rather impatient, especially with those Harrison Jones quests bugging out on me, and some started to be a pain in the rear...

I'm glad to be 85. I will work on the Druid in time, right now I am going to see all there is to see, do daily quests, quests, get Cataclysm Loremaster, waste huge amounts of time... I mean tame some rare pets.Plenty to keep me busy for some time still. Plus I need a leveling break!

Do ya think they can see us?!
With gear and levels the Hunter is doing better as far as damage goes. Our guild does some instances on the weekends and we ran two this weekend, which I was happy to see I was doing better. I don't play flavor of the month classes and I just need to stay clear of the WoW forums sometimes. I really enjoy my Hunter and will continue to play her as long as I find the class enjoyable. And I do love the class! And Camo... Yay! I've waited so long for this ability!

Check out what some of my guildies are doing! My tank-a licious friend, Lono, has a message from a tank's point of view! One of our new blogging additions to the guild, Pid, has a tanking encounter of the stupid kind!



  1. Tank-a-licious eh?? *Must resist bad wordplay...*

    Twilight highland is a bit more see-saw in terms of questing experience. There's some definitive "WOW!!!" moments and some less good ones. Still, it's crazy money :)

  2. Got to love Aqua! I have great memories of them, when they first became popular I was in Sweden, good times.... ;) I can't remember if they were from Sweden or Denmark?
    I started the Harrison Jones quest yesterday, not sure when I'll get back to leveiing, I'm in no rush.

  3. @ Lono- I figured you'd get a kick out of it ;)

    I've been too busy camping the rare pet there to do many quests... He still evades me! I need to start making money again though.

    @Pouncie- I love Aqua, they are so cute! I have memories of listening to them when I went to Scotland, I made sure to bring my Aqua!

    I wish I could finish the quest line but my petition has been in for daya bout it bugging out. I hope to get them finished up once it gets sorted out.

    I'm the same. Dire keeps asking when I am going to lvl the Druid, I tell him I'm kicking back and having fun for awhile!




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