Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I was thinking recently on how I just have zero interest in much endgame in WoW. I suppose it's due to so many changes in mechanics, classes and play. Maybe the tables have been turned on me one too many times.

My plans were to level the Hunter and Druid and focus on both of them as I saw fit. My Druid was a joy to heal with, very mobile and strong at healing through almost anything. It's just not fun when things change and a class isn't what you enjoyed. The Hunter, it's alright but I had my heart set on healing, for the most part.

While I don't mind relearning my class, I don't find it a whole lot of fun to do so. That's why I play, to have fun. I don't find running out of mana fun and it seems to be the norm in this expansion. Conserving that's a whole different story. It seems things change to whatever the developers whim is. If I wanted a job in the evenings as a healer (LAWL), I'd expect to get paid, not being the one paying out. Toy with the mechanics all you want, doesn't mean you're making it more fun!

Things were harder in (vanilla) WoW, but I found them to be fun. However that was just a different time and people were use to it, that was the way of things. Are the new mechanics really hard or just stupid? Was it stupid to let us all happily faceroll along and then expect us to be best-est friends and work together with cross server instances? 'Maybe'...

I can go back to Everquest and the classes, after eleven years, still function very closely to the way they always did. Not exactly, but it's very close. It's nice to know a class, take a break, come back and slide back into that role like an old shoe. That's the beauty of it.

I suppose on the other hand it's the community too. I'm a loner these days. Not wanting to hear another idiot whine or complain or just spew incessant babble that I know will annoy the crap out of me. I enjoy the game, I enjoy the end game I've seen so far- but only with my friends, lately.

I miss people working together without insults flying. Making friends in groups because you were all on the same server. Having fun in groups, not stressing over stuff. 

It's quite sad, I use to be so outgoing. Making groups out of scratch, homemade on our own server, none of that pre-packaged LFD stuff!



  1. Been a while since I commented but this post really hit home. I was considering leaving WoW yesterday for some of the reasons you mentioned. The class changes are frustrating but I too have become a loner in an MMO. It's really sad that the community can be such a turnoff. In game I have left all channels but /say, /party and /guild. Most of my friends have left the game so I'm left LFD a lot and the go go go mentality of wotlk is still Alive and kicking. I think my time with WoW is coming to an end as tanking is no fun anymore-I can sympathize with all the grief healers take. Here is hoping for some great new games in 2011 with great communities. Good luck on your end.

  2. Nice to see you commenting! If it wasn't for my guild here I probably would fade away again, as far as WoW is concerned. I love it, it's fun but... There isn't much for me to really sink my teeth into lately.

    You could always join us but we are a small little circle. It's hard to get us all online at once hehe. But when we are it's good fun.

    I think I am spending a bit time in EQ2(x) because it just is more relaxing in the sense of community. While it is stupid at times it's simply not as bad.

    I hope you find something that suits you more so. It's hard sometimes, maybe some fresh new games, next year, will liven things up.

  3. Congrats on the honors dude! And continue to rock on in 2011!

  4. Thanks so very much! I will try to :D




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