Friday, November 19, 2010

Invasions and Dreams (WoW, EQ2)

EQ2 has the anniversary event live today, the Heroes' Festival. It's an event I quite enjoy as there is a good bit to do with some fun quests and the main storyline event, which rewards the Dream Hero title. I plan on doing this event over the weekend.

There's a lot of interesting zones to visit, which are smaller copies of some places around the world. Plenty of pretty screen shots when I'm done!

And my Necromancer finally hit level 70! I'm happy to have gotten her almost caught up to where I was with the Inquisitor. I love pet classes, I always have a lot of fun with these types of characters.

Currently I'm very torn between playing EQ2 and WoW. Dire is returning to WoW this weekend and it has been several months since we played the same MMO on a regular basis and I truly miss that. He will not play EQ2 anymore, which makes me a sad panda. >_<

I suppose that is a big reason for wanting to return to WoW, I know he would follow suit and play it if I started. I also missed my friends and Cataclysm is making the return look a lot more fun.

I'm probably going to play my Hunter up before the Druid, then again if I race change the Druid to a Troll I may play her more. I'm not feeling the Tauren lately, it's still hard seeing her as a cow person lol (She was a Night Elf for so long). Right now I'm having the most fun with the Hunter. We'll see how it goes! I think I may join in on some of the invasion events with the Druid some too if I find the time.

I know everyone is making plans for Castaclysm, getting things done and out of the way, things lined up and all their ducks in a row. Good luck with whatever you're working on!



  1. I understand with your wanting to play with Dire. Don't get me wrong, I think WoW has its fun points and everything, but I doubt I'd play it at all if my husband doesn't. It's the only game we play together right now, without it we wouldn't have any other game. And I do enjoy leveling so much more when he's in a group with me!

  2. Mine is playing Vindictus all the time and I just can't play it like he does so I got left behind. So, yeah, I've been looking for something we can play together again and WoW seems the only thing he'd play.

    I don't enjoy leveling as much after six years but I agree it's so nice to have someone to play with in any setting.




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