Monday, October 11, 2010

Quite Content (EQ2, EQ)

I've hopped around with many games in the last few months. I suppose to begin with I went to try to play something else to play with my husband. Currently I'm playing alone and I'm happy. I miss him playing with me and I still have a station pass so I can play what he is playing if I want. I like us to play games together but I want to enjoy what I am playing. I'm not enjoying what he plays but that's ok.

I am really happy in Everquest 2 with my Necromancer. Things might change at high end but for now it's been even more enjoyable than playing my Inquisitor. The game has enough fluff (constantly updated!!) and events to keep me happy.

I hit 53 over the weekend and I have around 41 AA points. I got my new master pet for 52 and it rocks. He kicks ass and takes names. Quests are flowing easily and it's going much smoother than it was with my Swashy. I really am having a blast with this class, it's by far the most fun I've had with any! I've always been a Necro at heart and the class functions so well for the leveling experience.

Along with the XP flowing in, I'm doing very well making money off the broker. It's flowing in at a decent rate and I have enough now where if I really need something I can get it. I'm saving for master spells. I suppose it helps that I'm not spending every last copper on housing items heh. My house is pretty packed at the moment and with the upcoming events (NoTD, EQ2 Anniversary, Frostfell and the many monthly events) I will have too much in my house as it is. And oh tomorrow the update goes live where we get outdoor additions to our houses... I can't wait!!!

While I'm playing EQ2 it is nice to see Dire enjoying EQ. On occasion I still log in but not as much as I was. I will after the transfers to FV open up, I think. He made it to 85 just in time for HoT to hit. He has pre-ordered but I decided to wait awhile on the expansion. This weekend he decided to power level a Wizard. With the double xp and his Shadowknight  the Wizard hit level 70 with 70 AA points in about 7hrs play time. Pretty nice, easier than ever eh? Well, if you have the means to do so it's pretty doable. I'd say an 85 SK with a boatload of AA is a pretty good means! Hrmm, maybe I should get something power leveled soon!

Hope you are happily gaming as we are, have a great week peeps!


  1. So Landuran and I are going to fire up LOTRO in the next couple of days and try out the F2P stuffs.

  2. Landroval is the server I play on, if you happen to play there I might pop in :)

    It's a lot of fun, I really enjoyed playing. I hope they do something for Halloween.

  3. We actually have started on the Brandywine server...

  4. Ah ok, well hope you guys have fun then :)

  5. Since the highest lvl of any of us was 5, we are rerolling on Landroval. Hope to see you in game!

  6. Oh awesome! My character there is 20. Her name is Heavenli so add her to friends. I will be popping in this weekend :D




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