Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Not Who I Say I Am?

Silence little customer... I will squash you like a bug!
Yesterday... Oh not a good day for Everquest. It all started when I decided to poke into Norrath with my Mage and I was a bit lazy, instead of finding my handy dandy notebook with the password I decided to reset it and have it sent to my email. Turns out it never showed up, but it considered it reset. So basically I locked myself out of it totally, you can only do this once every 24 hours. That's what I get for being lazy.

Customer service was usually craptastic yesterday.  Here I am the SOE cheerleader, always stating how they have fantastic service and they grief me over not having enough information on who I am. Since the automated system locked me out I now have to recall the account over the phone and nope it didn't go to the spam box.

I try to offer additional information which isn't good enough but really it's on any of my four... err five current SOE accounts. I'm a loyal customer and I'm treated like a generic moron. Finally after getting a supervisor on the phone and bickering with him, I am not going to take no, he checks, I assume to get me off his back and get off the phone. Lo and behold the information I asked him to check in the first place confirms it is me! It really makes me sad this is how bad things are with account security and really it's not that secure! What the heck is the security question for if it doesn't count?

I've had poor service in the past with other companies but I didn't like hearing that I'm not who I say I am even when I answer my security questions correctly. You want my information correctly yet you call me the wrong name and fuss with me that it is my name? I was severely disappointed with being treated like this and yes I was quite upset but by no means mean to them.

I greatly appreciate that he helped me in the end but, as my son looked over and said to me, why couldn't they have checked like you asked in the first place? It could have saved me getting upset, him having to fuss with me and just all around a lot of time. Sure there is protocol but if a customer has additional information, why not check it out instead of trying to get them off the phone as soon as possible.

I ended up logging my Mage in and playing her some but I was so disgusted by the whole deal of customer service I didn't really enjoy it. I was so close to closing all of my accounts yesterday over this, had they not helped me. If I wasn't so into EQ2 I would have, I seriously would have.

Customer service is the face of the company, at least that was out motto when I was a guide for SOE/Everquest. How about giving customers a chance, they are the ones that keep the business going. I'm not saying don't take precautions but when you have a loyal customer paying money for many accounts how about treat them like they matter, how about giving them the benefit and trying to listen to them? Honestly every customer matters in my eyes.

I know this isn't how this company is as a whole so I stick with them, I've had some fantastic support in the past it's just that once.. or twice... It's been to the point where I really felt like I did not matter at all. That one time, it could push that customer away, that could be the one side of the company they see.

So while I ended up getting what I wanted, I was helped, I was so disgusted I decided not to renew my second Everquest account.

-kaozz.. Or am I?

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